Turkey’s Parliament House Bomb Blast

Turkey Parliament House Bomb Blast

A series of breaking events are recently taking place in Turkey. A large section of soldiers including generals of high rank have attempted a coup. All to throw the government have imposed a formidable curfew.

Rebel Military Soldiers blocked the bridges and the international airport in Istanbul using tanks. Random air strikes and gun fires did a huge damage in Ankara and Istanbul.

Social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube were also down during the coup. 

terrorist bomb blast turkey
Photo Credit: http://time.com/4360053/istanbul-terror-bombing-beyazit-district/

In Ankara, capital helicopters and jets were flying in the name of a martial law supporting the coup. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President, was also targeted as the helicopters bombarded the hotel. He already left the Aegean resort town of Marmaris two hours ago. He went to Istanbul International Airport and addressed a public meeting. A fighter jet also bombarded near the palace of the president, which led to the “on-the-spot” death of five people.

This is not all. Coup attempters also bombarded Turkish parliament in Ankara; while, the session was taking place in the public sector by lawmakers. As the first bomb dropped the lawmakers went to the shelter in the building.

turkey bomb blast
Photo Credit: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-15/mccann-how-the-turkish-president-is-burning-down-his-own-house/7246740

Some workers and police officers had injuries during the bombing. The onslaught was so massive that it shook buildings nearby. First bombing took place on the entrance door of the main building as reported.

The office of the prime minister was wholly obliterated after the bombings on the parliament. On July 16, President requested civilians to come to the street. The civilians rebelled against the soldiers. 160 people most of them civilians were ferociously murdered and 1440 injured. This day marks a black day in turkey history.

people killed and injured turkey
Photo Credit: http://www.maritimefirstnewspaper.com/en/2016/02/ankara-blast-turkey-vows-retaliation-for-deadly-bomb-attack/

As of now, everything is under governments’ control. Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim said annihilation of 20 rebel militants had taken place. 50 coup soldiers have surrendered and 30 injured. And, more than 2000 of soldiers are under restraint due to the events of Friday night.

The main leaders of the coup are now in the custody. Defense Minister, Fikri Isik yet urges the civilians to come out on the streets as the coup has not come to an end completely.

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