The Trailer Of The Beauty And The Beast – The Best Emma Watson Movie 2017

the beauty and the beast

The trailer is out finally, and we can’t stop drooling over the brilliance of this upcoming fairytale flick. The trailer would surely take you back in your story books. Especially if you are a 90s kid, there shall be no one who hasn’t read this spectacular take on love.

The YouTube Trailer Of Beauty And The Beast 2017

The trailer stars Emma Watson who is considerably adorable in the shots, the script, shots and the layout of the film look too cute to wait for, although it is a bit early as we still have o wait until the month of March 2017!

The film is one thing, the next generation will also enjoy. The Beauty and the Beast look amazingly well-blended and of course why not, it is from one of the finest makers, undoubtedly.

There have been numerous adoptions of such fairy tales, already and we have loved every bit of them, to be honest. The last seen such a genre was Cinderella. The film did extremely well while the kids, as well as the grownups, enjoyed the movie to the core. Beauty and the Beats are certainly going to get better at the rounds for sure. The film has been scheduled for a release on the 17th March 2017.

Also, there are others in the making and would most likely make it to the theaters around you in the coming year. Films like Aladdin, Mulan, etc. are almost in the wrapping stages. Disney, the name behind all such creations has been a considerable name in bringing these plots out of books and make a place in the hearts of millions of eyes and hearts for sure.

Talking about the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson is playing beauty and is cast opposite to the striking actor Downton Abbey, Dab Stevens who play the Beast and the Prince later on in the movie. The pair looks great together, and the every bit of the films inspires us to fall in love, yet again beyond any barriers and certain conditions like looks, life, money, and power!

So, fret no more, just a few months to go and live a dream of your childhood days, while you enjoy the spectacular graphics as well as the stunning timing between the shots to create the best drama you might have watched recently in the previous time gone by. Happy Watching!

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