Raaz Reboot 2016: Movie Review

Raaz Reboot: Movie Review

Raaz Reboot, the next horror flick from Raaz series, is the latest Bollywood horror film which is directed and written by Vikram Bhatt. This is the 4th film of the super hit series; the series started in 2002 with the first film “Raaz,” which was a blockbuster and created real horror.

The next two were Raaz: The Mystery Continues (2009) and Raaz 3 in 3D (2012). Raaz Reboot released on 16 September 2016 all over the world. There were news around about the film leaked online before release and hence the stars and the makers of the movie requested the audience to watch it in theaters only.

Raaz Reboot: Star Cast

Raaz Reboot: Movie Review
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  • Emraan Hashmi as Aditya
  • Kriti Kharbanda as Shaina
  • Gaurav Arora as Rehaan

Raaz Reboot: Story Plot

This horror flick is a story about a newly married couple Shaina and Rehaan who shifted abroad to lead a luxurious life in Romania. Soon Shaina experiences evil spirits and found that the house was haunted, but her husband does not believe her. Eventually, the spirits take over Shaina’s body and then Rehaan feels guilty for not believing. In all this Shaina meets her ex-beau Emraan Hashmi as Aditya and tells her that he knows everything about whatever is happening with her. He thus the mystery continues, and they together find out the truth.

Critics Review

The critics did not seem to be happy about the reboot Surabhi Redkar of Koimoi said “The first half establishes the mystery well enough, but the pre-interval twist is a huge give away of what lays ahead. A boring second half with the cat and mouse chase between people trying to contain the spirit is a complete yawn fest. Supernatural thrillers are not everyone’s cup of tea and its high time Bhatt realizes that he has lost his mojo. Raaz Reboot is a classic fail at coming even little close to scaring you. I need to reboot my memory to have watched this!”

Raaz Reboot: Movie Review
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Review by Tatsam Mukherjee on India today stated “Raaz Reboot might still go on to make money, like its predecessors in the franchise. But do we as the Indian audience needs to assault with such banal, comical horror every single time the Bhatts have some money to make a film? Nope. So if you still go ahead and spend money on a movie like this, you DESERVE more movies like these. And thou shalt not complain about the poor state of horror movies in India. Thou absolutely shalt not.”

Final Verdict

Finally, we have to say there is nothing new in this horror movie, same storyline, romance and horror sound score. All these elements are tried and tested formulas for Bollywood horror films. So, all-in-all if you like Bollywood horror flicks, then you can try out Raaz Reboot this weekend.

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