Important Highlights: London Fashion Week September 2016 At A Glance

London Fashion Week September 2016

When fashion needs a definition, it certainly needs to be at the London fashion Show’2016!

This is undoubtedly the place to be where you get to worship, admire and rejoice style like no other. A fabulous initiative and of course one of the finest platforms to accumulate fashion, ace designers, latest trends and so much more, all in one place, together and under one roof. This has been an exclusive affair, showcasing the best British fashion that calls for countless guests, fashion freaks, and enthusiasts, together under a single roof.

The London Fashion Week, September 2016 is indeed no different. Offering one of the finest platforms, it is the way to roping in audiences from all around the world to experience the premium and the latest trends, global trend, unplugged talent along with some greatest influence that leaves a mark for a long term to come in the fashion world, ahead.

We have tried to cover the most intriguing and out of the box fashion show updates, exclusive for our readers, wherein you get the experience simply the best out of all that has been glittering here at the trends and style extravaganza.

We all agree that Britain is grand and has immense talent; it is full of a unique sense of celebration of style like no other. Whether you talk about the street fashion, or you go to the high-end brands, there is so much to explore and experience for that matter.

Let Us Dig Deeper to See How Creative; London Gets This Year!

We urge you to read further to get the best out of the London fashion week 2016 highlights, as follows:

London Fashion Week gets all the More Transparent and Fair This Year!

Yes, you read that right! There were numerous contract options that preferred its participants over a through selection process. This means making no room left for recommendations anymore. Over the public funding, there are many contract bids organized to offer fair and idyllic contract options for the various suppliers, vendors by the BFC. This made things streamlined and much reasonable, if compared to the previous year’s show. Amazing; isn’t it?

A Closer Look at all the London Fashion Week Sponsors

London Fashion Week sponsors
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We all know, all big shows require big sponsors and the show at London is made incredibly large while getting sponsorship from reputed and well-established groups and companies including:

  • Triumph the lingerie master makers
  • Samsung Serif TV
  • Miller Harris
  • Toni & Guy
  • Swatch
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • The May Fair
  • Maybelline New York
  • Lavazza Coffee
  • Etihad
  • Sunglass Hut

The show has been made splendid and gleaming like never before, indisputably!

Endless Business, happening at This Year’s London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2016
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This season of the show is all set to welcome approximately 5000 guests from 58 countries to have a glimpse of the incredible style statements presented by London. This is one show that brilliantly enhances the British economy, quite drastically, offering numerous employment opportunities to the maximum number of people. This year the base of the show just got simply awesome and way too sturdy. It shall feature 83 out of the box, and creative designers and the way fashion happens around here trust us for redefined trends like never before!

The Finest Designer Showrooms at This Year’s Fall Show’2016

Fashion Designer Showroom
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Fashion Designer Showroom
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Fashion Designer Showroom
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Fashion Designer Showroom
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If you have an eye for the right brand you had been drooling upon, this is your chance to explore the finest of them all. The latest fashion news provides a perfect glimpse of the striking names of the high end and exclusive designer brands that are all gathered here at this show. Their presence is just like the perfect gemstones, carved in the niche of an out of the box and unique garland.

There are many established and renown brands, while there are some dazzling ones, making a grand comeback, while there are several others who are relatively new but innovative for sure. You will find the best array of eyewear designers that are certainly going to make it big at this season’s show. Names like Bella Singleton, Black Eyewear, Emily Carter, HEIO, SEVDA LONDON, etc. are making things all the more worthy here.

Some more significant highlights on what’s coming up!

The show’s venue has been given a stunning layout by none other than the ace designer, David Collin’s studio, happening at the heart of the city, being one of the hottest and the most exciting thing in town, without a doubt.

Friday, you shall get a sneak peak at the Designer Showrooms; this is an ultimate to explore through the entire action, taking place on stage!

London Fashion Week 2016
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Monday: You get to witness a great show by Rock Vault and Hedonism, Apsit Livens, The Season Hats and so much more!

This is certainly going to be one of the prime and high ends, affairs that would recreate the magical spell of the latest trends all over the country and many other parts of the globe. So get set and pout your party shoes on, let’s celebrate trends, and latest styles, right here at the London Fashion Week, a place to be for all your fashion lovers.

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