Force 2 2016: Movie Review Starring John Abraham

Force 2 movie review

So, you might just head to see some action and please don’t bother to think!

Alright, the weekend has already started buzzing on your phones and you friends have already made this plan to watch the Force 2!

Okay, this is what we found, and it might just help you take this plan a bit seriously. You can seriously invest your time, elsewhere; until you’re a diehard John Abraham fan who loves see cars crashing, bullets busting your ear lobes and blood streaming all across the silver screen.  Force 2 has hit the theaters, and there has been a lot of buzz about this sequel, anyways. Still if in case you are amongst the ones waiting eagerly, then this one is simply for you.

The movie would revolve around the same tough guy John, playing it hard on his life after he lost his love and wife, Genelia Dsouza in the previous part of the flick. Mind you there are endless chases in this one and loads of fights and action, as this is incessantly all that this tough guy does great!

Force 2: Star Cast

Force 2 movie review
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The tough Cop Yash is played by the adorable and masculine John Abraham; Sonakshi Sinha plays the candy in the film. You would get a glimpse of Genelia Dsouza in a guest appearance as Maya, along with Paras Arora and Tahir Raj Bhasin.

Force 2: Story Plot

So, you would get to hear about some random RAW agency conspiring against China, and they wish to terminate them all from the Indian Embassy that is based in Budapest. The much of an action that is shown looks synthetic, and totally, not required for the plot of the film. Our tough guy; cop Yash is in action and is busy looking for his cues, hidden in books that he keeps coming across with. In this journey, he is always mocking down, some or the other Chinese badass. The Russian beauty performs the item number in this journey too, mind you for that one!

The entry of the beauty in the film is portrayed as a feminist who has some great and overhyped dialogues in her kitty. But she is not that convincing anyways. The story unfolds, and she is just an adaption of something more interesting, honesty.

Some twists unfold, though, but you need to have the heart to be waiting for them in the hall, undoubtedly. Where John is largely expressionless, you would also find Sonakshi looks clueless in the entire film.

Critics Review

If the web is to be believed and going with all that, we felt. The reviews largely are very flat and show that there is simply nothing great about this film. If in case you have nothing else on your list, you could end up killing some time at the theater this weekend!

Force 2 movie review
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The film certainly did not carry a lot of hopes. John looks mature, yet great enough to be present and his charisma or rather his masculine bodies is worth a onetime watch. Sonakshi Sinha, on the other hand, looks a lot better with all the pounds off her body, thankfully! A onetime watch if in case you have nothing better to do! Tune into our website for more Bollywood updates and Hindi movie reviews.

Popcorns or Nachos, or the just that feel of a movie hall could be at the rescue for this one!

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