Boiled Egg Sandwich Recipe – Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

boiled egg sandwich

Eggs are high in protein and can be appetite-satiating, for this reason, they are preferred Breakfast items by many people. There may be various ways of cooking an egg, but boiled eggs are the easiest to prepare and make for a delicious meal also. Additionally, boiled egg sandwich is healthier than other egg dishes, as they are not of the fried variety.

You may refer to the following details to know how boiled eggs are readied. Sandwiches can also be prepared with the boiled eggs for a hearty meal. Keep in mind that the eggs should be hard-boiled, and not soft-boiled or medium-boiled, for making sandwiches. Otherwise, they may turn out to be runny.

The Laissez-Faire Method of boiling eggs is seen below.

Boiled Egg Sandwich: Ingredients

hard boiled eggs
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  • Eggs: 2-4 Nos
  • Butter: For applying on the bread slices
  • Bread: Few slices
  • Water: As required
  • Cheese: Grated to sprinkle
  • Salt: To taste
  • Pepper: To taste

Boiled Egg Sandwich: Cooking Method

  1. Place the eggs in a saucepan and fill with enough cold water to keep the eggs covered. Put on the gas at high heat and allow the water to boil.
  2. As the water starts boiling, the gas can be switched off.
  3. Cover the pan with a lid and keep the eggs in the hot water for 20 minutes or a little more time.
  4. After that, the eggs will be hard-boiled to the same extent, if allowed to boil on the gas for 13 minutes.
  5. Then drain the hot water, and keep the eggs under cold running water for a few seconds.
  6. The eggs are then ready to be peeled. After peeling, slice the eggs thinly with a knife. Set aside.
  7. Apply butter on the bread slices.
  8. Place the egg pieces in-between the buttered bread slices.
  9. Add grated cheese on the boiled eggs.
  10. Do not forget to sprinkle salt and pepper before covering the egg pieces with bread slices.
  11. Now cut into square or diagonal shapes, and enjoy tasty boiled egg sandwiches.


grated cheese
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Boiled egg sandwich can also be relished as a snack, when hungry during the day. The above-listed method does not require much effort, and less amount of gas is needed for its preparation. Give the recipe a try and let us know whether it works for you.

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