Win Pro G2: Computer In A TIN CAN


If we were in the nineteenth century, thoughts about flying in the sky were just an imagination. But in today’s science and technology everything is possible, even reaching the Mars planetis very easy. Talking about the modern science computer plays an outstanding role in each and every individual, from babies to oldies. Everyone is in need of a computer.

What is that computer, which is in a TIN CAN?

WIN Pro-G2
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Now I am just going to say about the eye-catching computer which can be said in a form of poetry, which is designed like a TIN CAN. It is non-other that the Intel Windows 10 PC.

About Intel Windows 10 mini PC

Intel Windows 10 mini PC is also called as “WIN PRO G2”. Holding a very cool glossy body, attractive metallic finish around the body containing smooth curves flows like butter over the body. Very comfortable in hands as well as in the pocket to carry wherever we need.

This technology is a present to us for the development of our business deals, college project, movie projection and lot more educational deeds been fulfilled by this WIN PRO G2. This product is a beneficiary product with a great outcome.

Uses of WIN PRO G2

Win Pro G2
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Plenty of uses are there to poetize about WIN PRO G2. You don’t have to struggle with a bag to carry your laptop or with your PC to project your slide or your presentation, what you all needed is the mini PC produced by Intel take it in your pocket or carries it in your hand. Your presentation will be an effortless as well as an impressive presentation by using it.

You can also connect it with a television as well as to the projector using an HDMI port cable. A tetra slot of USB is provided for multi usages. This small TIN with great excitements is filled and built.

Features of WIN PRO G2

This cute little PC is built with an Operating System (OS) Windows 10. Central processing unit holds up an Intel Bay Trail CR Z3735F Quad Core including RAM of 2GB, internal capacity ROM of 32GB. A lot more connectivity is fixed with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and lot more. Amazingly it has a camera of 2Mp; you can also extend its memory up to 128GB using an external device. Enjoy the new technology by using WIN PRO G2.

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