All About Wimbledon Tennis Court!

Wimbledon Game

The Grand Slam is the most prestigious tournament for Tennis in the world. The Grand Slam is composed of 4 games, which occur chronologically in a year as follows:

  1. Australian Open
  2. French Open
  3. Wimbledon
  4. US Open

Among the four tournaments, the Wimbledon is the most popular game, as it is known for its rich tradition. It occurs at the All England Lawn Tennis Club every year in the city of Wimbledon.

The Wimbledon game has its decorum. The players are supposed to wear a full white uniform and white shoes, like a dress code while playing. The spectators are also expected to wear a suit or meant to be well dressed while watching the event. The food served during the event is also a traditional strawberry and cream dessert.

The Royal family of England attends the Wimbledon game every year. Another specialty of the Wimbledon championship is that sponsors are not allowed to display hoardings around the court. The proprietary image behind this is to give the players a feel of ‘playing tennis in an English garden’.

The Wimbledon Tennis Court Model

Wimbledon tennis court model
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The Tennis game is played on different court surfaces which vary considerably and have a significant role in the match. The court surface of each Grand Slam open varies with each other; for instance, both US open and Australian open use hard court surface. The French Open uses clay court. The Wimbledon is the only tournament which uses grass court since the beginning of time when it was started in 1877.

What is Unique about a Grass Court?

Wimbledon costs
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The grass court has the following specialties:

  • The softness of the lawn surface makes the players easy on their legs
  • When the player slips, the grass offers a cushion, thus causing less injury compared to other court surfaces.
  • The grass surface used in the Wimbledon tennis court is composed of 100% perennial ‘ryegrass’ since 2001. Previously it was a mixture of 70% ryegrass and 30% creeping red fescue.

The grass court also has the following disadvantages:

  • When the grass is wet or fresh, it tends to be slippery. Hence it is always safe to suspend the game immediately after a drizzle.
  • Grass courts require a lot of maintenance.
  • The grass is an irregular surface; hence, the bounce of the tennis ball depends on how fresh the grass is.

Hence the grass court of Wimbledon championship offers a varied playing experience to the players. If a player is comfortable playing on a grass Wimbledon tennis court, he can perform very well in other courts quickly.

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