Top 8 Wholesale Women’s Fashion Suppliers Of India!

wholesale women fashion suppliers

Wholesale women’s fashion suppliers are a hot topic as of now. You can find women of all ages discussing amongst themselves on the latest trends and brands in clothing suitable for them. It is a known fact that women and clothing are inseparable.

Today, you can even find several women entrepreneurs who deal in wholesale clothing. Every country has its own style of dressing, which is based on traditional. For example, Mexican women wear skirts and ponchos.

The same is with New Zealand, where women’s clothing is influenced by culture and history. Clients and prospective entrepreneurs must be careful, especially when dealing with unreliable suppliers. The suppliers hold the key to a successful clothing industry.

In this article, we have provided for you a list of 9 wholesale women’s fashion suppliers. Whether you plan to buy them for personal use or professional reasons, you can be rest assured that you will not go home disappointed.

Top 8 Wholesale Clothing Distributors from New Zealand, Mexico, and United States!


New Zealand is popular for its fashionindustry. You can find people all over the world settled here. The demand forall kinds of clothing is increasing. The online wholesale clothing firm has several branches in the country. You will be glad to know that the service isexcellent and high orders come with excellent rates.

Pros of Zebrano

  • The firm ensures that the delivery is on time always.
  • The products are trendy and come of the latest fashion.
  • The firm provides clients with different kinds of apparel clothing.

2. Black Box Boutique

Black Box Boutique is a wholesale clothing distributor who provides products like jackets, shoes, and apparel. The shipping service provided by them is good by standards.

Pros wholesale boutique clothing in Black Box Boutique

  • As a customer, you have several modes of payments.
  • The products are, priced reasonably and are affordable.
  • The clients who like to start clothing store can do so with the firm.


Mikaree is a wholesale clothing distributor,which provides clients with several benefits. You can find that they offer youwith excellent products and high discounts. The firm also offers latest clothing. The suppliers of the firm are genuine and reliable. Clients can find closet to5000 clothing products and apparels in the online shopping firm.

4. Matr

Matr Boomie is located in 3007 Longhorn Blud, Suite 113, Austin, Texas. They started operations from the year 2006. Though initially they began in India, as of now, they have more than 1000 retailers all over Europe, Australia, and North America.

Apart from clothing, they also offer you with jewellery, home accessories, and journals. If you like, brand names Smithsonian, Disney, Coldwater Creek, then you can find them here.

Pros of Matr Boomie

  • The customer service offered by the wholesale dealer is on a different level. Until you have found what you are looking for, they will keep asking you questions and pestering you with details. Clients feel pampered that way.
  • Most importantly, the products on sale here are cheap and affordable. If you look at other online stores, the prices can be high and most of them do not go in for too much bargaining. If you are an entrepreneur looking out for good deals, then here is your place.
  • Just because they provide you with cheap rates, it does not mean that the products are of low quality. You will be surprised to know that the products are decent and certified.

5. Tasha Apparel Wholesale

Tasha Apparel is another online wholesale store based in Los Angeles, California providing you with boutique and plus size clothing. They are ideal for those of you planning to start your own clothing store. The rates and delivery charges are affordable.

They have been working since 2005 providing a wide range of plus size as well as traditional clothing.

Pros of shopping with Tasha Apparel

  • You will be delighted to know that the shipping service is free on orders, which are above $300 in America.
  • They have multiple payment options, which include debit card, credit card, PayPal, and even wire transfer.


You must have surely heard about Alibaba a Chinese firm. They supply thousands of products worldwide. If you are looking for a wide range of wholesale clothing, then this website can help you out.

Pros of Alibaba

  • They can offer you with different products to choose.
  • The registration is simple and easy. Members get several benefits.


eSources mainly see women’s winter jackets and other apparels for women. You would be impressed with the fact that theyhave more than 1, 00, 000, distributors based in several localities worldwide. They offer you with excellent drop shipping service. Not to mention, those of you wanting to start your own business can do so with eSources Company. The prices of their products are affordable.

8. Bonita Boutique

Bonita Boutique is a small online business, which sells traditional Mexican clothing like Ponchos, Bended accessories, Tenangos, and Skirts. If you love Mexican clothing, then you must consider purchasingfrom them.

Pros of Bonita

  • The business provides customers with high quality products.
  • The products are certified and authentic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the latest in women’s clothing boutique online?

This is one of the commonly asked questions to the wholesale boutique. You can consider boutiques like Hiptique, which is located in Malibu and Santa Monica. Other options would be Chinti and Parker, BlueLayne boutique, Tiger Mist, which is an Australian, based online company, and Princess Polly.

2. Where to find women’s plus size clothing with good style?

When you are looking for and sized clothing, then you can consider going with Torrid, Loft Plus, Layne Bryant, OldNavy Plus, Amazon Plus size clothing.

3. What are some unique boutique clothing wholesale online stores in Australia?

Some of the unique clothing wholesale online stores in Australia would be Smart Alec, Scally and Trombone, and Elegantly Scant.

4. Where to purchase cheap women’s clothing online?

Some of the wholesale online clothing stores, which provide cheap clothing, are Boohoo, Amazon, and FashionNova.

How to find more wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors?

If you are planning to become an entrepreneur, then you should know few pointers, which can help you find the right kind of wholesale clothing supplier and dealer.

Try to search with different keywords

When searching on the Internet, different keywords can provide you with different results. For example, if you are searching for baby products, then you can also consider using words like child, kid, and others.

The results for each of the keywords are different you will eventually end up finding what you are looking for.

  • Switch the order of words: For the keywords wholesale women’s clothing, you can consider using wholesale ladies clothing. The results will come different in both the cases.
  • Add details: When you want to find products priced cheap, then use the word cheap or low cost. This way, you get results based on cheap or low cost products. Remember, wholesale clothing comes cheap, provided you know how and where to look for them. With the Internet in your hand, it should not be a struggle. When searching for the products use long tail keywords.
  • Use synonym for more searching: Synonyms offer you with different results. Like mentioned above, keywords like baby, can be replaced with words like child and kid. The results got are varied. There is no harm in trying few alternatives when searching for wholesale clothing online.

Whether you are searching for clothing for personal wear or your business, find wholesale clothing supplier who is reliable. They can provide you with clothing that is of good quality and affordable.

Wholesale clothing enables buyers to purchase in bulk. It not only helps in reducing the delivery costs but also gives you immense choices of clothing to wear and sell. These days, we can see a massive demand for apparel. Hence, people prefer making their purchase in bulk. This is why, you should choose wholesale dealers based from developing countries, which are genuine and provide you with quality clothing.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Please share your thoughts and views about fashion suppliers for women. We would love to hear from you. This was all about Women’s Fashion suppliers; you can read all about the men’s fashion suppliers here.

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