Vijay Rupani To Take Oath As A Chief Minister Of Gujarat

Vijay Rupani CM of Gujarat

A senior minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani will take oath as a Chief Minister of Gujarat on Sunday while Nitin Patel will be the deputy chief minister.

A meeting of all the MLAs has been held on Friday, and they decided on Vijay Rupani for the post of the CM. Amit Shah BJP president and Nitin Gadkari senior leader were present in the meeting. BJP president Amit Shah, Nitin Gandkari Union minister and Purushottam Rupala garlanded him after meeting.

Vijay Rupani CM of Gujarat
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Vijay Rupani and Nitin Patel are the most influential leaders of Gujarat, and both of them were front runners to take the vacant place of the Anandiben Patel. Vijay Rupani is BJP’s State President, besides he was also a cabinet minister for employment, labor, water supply, and transport during Anandiben’s time.

Nitin Patel was considered to be the most suitable leader for filling the place made by the Anandiben. Now, he will be the Deputy Chief Minister. It has happened first time when someone will be Deputy CM of the State.

Vijay Rupani, Nitin Patel, Amit Shah
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It is was a rumor that Amit Shah might be Chief Minister but the senior leader of the party, Venkaiah Naidu cleared the air on Wednesday saying Amit Shah will remain active as a national role.

Vijay Rupani became the MLA first time in 2014 after he won the Rajkot West seat which was previously occupied by the Vajubhai Vala. He is a leader who is the most non-controversial as well as he is also a widely accepted leader in the party.

Choosing Vijay Rupani for Gujrat PM, the party believes, will be helpful for counteracting the caste equations in the Gujarat due to the Jain background of Vijay Rupani. Dalit and Patel are the two communities that are vital boat banks. So, this step will be useful for the party in next state election that will be held next in 2017.

Having named his name for CM Gujarat, Rupani thanked and said that he had been given great responsibility. He also added that he would make all efforts to transform the Gujarat into a role model of India.

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