US Federal Government Temporarily Suspends Trump’s Order On Travel Ban

stay order on travel ban

Recently many issues spread virally based on the travel ban, especially from seven Muslim countries. The order was passed by Trump, the president the United States on the travelers, who are banned from seven Muslim countries. Many consequences have occurred because of the contemporary order announced by the president.

US authorities (the Federal Government) gave widespread surf concerning the order; therefore, they filed an emergency petition for a stay on the Trump’s banning order on Saturday. Finally, they concluded in order.

This order brought a cancellation on travel visas for about 60,000. Thus, the superior authorities in the US under the court’s rule suspended the order passed by Donald Trump on this Saturday, February 4, 2017.

A representative from the United States Department has told the Agence France-Presse, which they have reversed the provisional cancellation of visas.

However, these visas can be consumed to travel, unless and until they are invalid. DHS Department of Homeland Security states that laws are made to protect the people in America and the homeland, which is the primary responsibility of the president.

DHS is on a process to evaluate the current against a ban on travelers, which has affected many commoners.

On the other hand, the president, Trump is proceeding to make the order happen. It seems that Trump has pounded out from the court cause of the judgment passed on the travel ban. He has called the so-called Judge’s decision of suspension ‘ridiculous.’

Trump cleared his unhappiness towards this stay saying, “Big Trouble,” if a nation cannot decide for themselves who can come in or out to keep people’s utmost safety in mind.

He has also vowed to make this order soon in action.

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This order has caused many effects among the green card holders in America. When the judge James Robart passed a ban on travelers, bunches of complaints enclosed by the attorney general of Washington State.

As a result of this travel ban, a widespread destruction was created at the American airports. This left an enormous number of protest against this order by Trump.

Moreover, the president of United States has tweeted that; the judgment will be soon overturned.

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