All About The Unpleasant Weekend In Mexico

24 killed in Mexico

This news is reportedly coming from Mexico; wherein 24 people have been found dead. The dead bodies recovered prove they had been suffering at least some degree of torture while they all had been left dead after a series of incidences that happened after the aggression that had been on a spread in the country.

The dead bodies have been found with their faces messed up, lying on the road. Five out of them are impossible even to recognize for them being a dead human body. While there have nine more that have been found elsewhere across the state too.

The state has been under pressure since while the Government has called in for extra force and police has been sent a high alert. This is sort of an emergency that has been sent across the state, while people are definitely in a state of panic.

The found dead people have happened to be all males, while their bodies certainly show signs of being torture. The exact reason for their deaths or any person behind or even a connection is tough to be identified at the moment, but the authorities are certainly working upon any of the clues they might have received for that matter.

Apart from this, there have been ten more deaths reported at the Pacific resort of Acapulco, over the weekend too. This death number comprises the dead bodies of navy official, named Roberto Alvarez Heredia. He happened to be the spokesperson for the security condition.

dead bodies in Mexico
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There have been drug wars, violence observed in the state, especially at the hills and the remotes regions.

This seems like an increasing statics figure in the state, since the last couple of years. There had been several deaths and a series of violence over marijuana consumers, drug dealers, heroin consumers as well as distributors. The facts show that such deaths have been at an all-time high in the state which is deeply saddening and have resulted in military assaults and drug trafficking since the year 2006.

We wish the country and its officials gear up to prevent more loss and deaths as such.

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