Turkey Fires More Than 2000 Police Officers To Have Links With Cleric Fethullah Gulen

police fired due to Turkey emergency

On Wednesday, Turkey under the emergency rule fires over 2000 police officers along with the hundred of military members and the BTK communication technology authority for attempted military coup last month.

These officers have been put charges of having a connection with the Fethullah Gulen who is the Muslim Cleric based on America. This is the Muslim Cleric whom Turkey supposes to be accusing of organizing putsch which failed on July 15. However, the Muslim Cleric has refused his participation in the coup.

A decree was published in Official Gazette of the country in which this decision was disclosed. The decree also mentions two more decisions; the first of them is about the closing of TIB telecoms authority while another is about the appointment of armed forces’ head. According to these decrees, The TIB telecoms authority has been ordered to be closed, and the president will appoint the armed forces’ head.

police fired due to Turkey emergency
Photo Credit: http://breakingdefense.com/2016/08/emergencies-france-mali-and-turkey-are-playing-with-fire/

The decree made under the emergency rule also has the order to close the great number of private institutions, charities, and also schools that are also considered to have a connection with the Muslim Cleric.

The decree released under the emergency laid on July 21 has a mention that so far 196 employees of BTK technology authority, over 100 military personnel and 2,360 police officers have been dismissed.

A group of soldiers made an attempt with helicopters, warplanes, and thanks for removing the government from the power but this attempt could not be succeeded. Since then, civil servants in a great number have been dismissed and suspended as well as in a huge purge; over 35000 persons have been kept in custody.

police fired due to Turkey emergency
Photo Credit: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/turkey-fired-police-1.3724150

Bekir Bozdag who is the Justice Minister of the Turkey has written on the Twitter that Supervised Release Scheme has been reformed and around 38000 people would be freed. It has been reported that the decision of the release reform scheme has been taken because the number of the prisoners has already been gone too far.

Turkey has also said to the US to hand over the Cleric. It also added that if the US denies it, the alliance of both will be at stake.

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