Treat Dark Lips the Natural Way

A common but a sensitive problem most of us these days are suffering is dark lips; we all want to get rid of dark lips. While some use the cosmetic means, the others look around for natural ways to get around it; I am among the latter ones. I have been researching methods to treat dark lips in a natural manner; I have tried them and some of them have really worked for me; thereby, I took a step forward to share it with my audience through this blog. Below are top 10 natural ways of treating dark lips:

Make a lemon honey lip serum

This is something that will never let you down! Mix lemon juice and honey in equal portions to make this lip serum. Apply a generous amount of this serum on the lips and leave it for at least one hour; later wipe it off with wet soft cloth; repeat this procedure several times in a day for best results. The best part is, it’s super easy and can be refrigerated for a week so that we don’t have to take the hassle of making it again and again every day.

lemon & honey

Benefits: Lemon with its citrus properties helps in removing the lips tanning and honey nourishes the skin and adds pink colour to the lips by removing pigmentation; overall, it aids to treat dark lips.

Apply glycerine before sleeping

Not only sun burns or improper maintenance, but dryness in lips may also cause lips pigmentation resulting in dark lips. Apply glycerine before going to bed with the help of a cotton bud every night; do not skip or miss the procedure.

Benefits: Glycerine helps in retaining moisture and preventing dryness in lips; in turn it helps to treat dark lips.

Use a beetroot slice

Take a red beetroot and refrigerate it; cut a slice from it and simply massage it on the lips and other affected areas for around 10 – 12 minutes. Repeat this procedure every day in your leisure time or whenever you are watching television.


Benefits: Beetroot helps in removing lips tanning and enhances the pink colour of the lips in a few weeks.

Use almond oil prior to bedtime

Take almond oil and apply it on the lips; give it a quick, soft massage prior to bedtime and then allow it to rest until the next morning. Use organic almond oil for best results; repeat this treatment every night for a few weeks for noticeable results.

Benefits: Almond oil helps in lightening the lips tone; it also helps in reducing discolouration of the lips.

Apply cucumber juice

Grate cucumber and extract ample amount of juice from it; apply this juice on the lips giving it a massage for 5 to 7 minutes or until all the juice is absorbed by the skin.

Benefits: Cucumber juice is good for reducing pigmentation of the skin; hence, can also help in lightening dark lips and getting rid of lips pigmentation.

Make your natural lip scrub with olive oil and sugar

Let’s scrub our lips the natural way! Take 4 to 5 drops of olive oil; add 1 tsp granulated sugar to it and mix well. The natural lip scrub is ready to use. Apply this lip scrub on the lips and gently massage to exfoliate the skin; rinse it off with cold water. Always use healing lip butter after using this lip scrub. Follow this procedure once or twice a week.


Benefits: Olive oil and sugar lip scrub helps to get rid of dry skin and dead cells from the lips and improves blood circulation allowing the lips to retain back its natural pink colour.

Drink enough water

Healthy lifestyle is very important along with these topical treatments discussed above, to have beautifully soft and cherry coloured lips; and for this it is necessary that we keep our body hydrated all the time. Our body requires at least 3 to 4 litres of water every day, which is equal to 8 to 10 glasses.

Benefits: Out of the several benefits of drinking ample water, one of the best benefits of keeping body hydrated is that it keeps our lips away from tanning, pigmentation and darkening.

Maintain a healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet to avoid overall health problems; not only for the lips but healthy eating can aid a lot of health problems. Increase the fruits that are rich in vitamin C and water-content including orange; watermelon; cucumber; lemon and grapefruit in your dietary habits.


Benefits: Deficiency of vitamins in diet can lead to lips discolouration; hence, to treat dark lips and get rid of lips pigmentation, it is essential that we have a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins.

Say NO to the habit of smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and so, it is for our lips; whenever we go through any lip aiding procedures, the experts always suggests us to stop smoking. Nicotine is responsible for excessive skin darkening, lips darkening and lips discolouration. Other than cosmetic disorders of lips, smoking also causes cancer and other fatal health issues.

Keep a check on what lip products you are using

The more artificial cosmetics we use, the more we are exposed to allergies and side effects; it is always recommended that we opt for herbal products for our lips such as herbal or home-made lip balm instead of artificial ones.


In case, if we still want to use the artificial cosmetics, we should ensure that the brands we are choosing are renowned ones, and not the local brands. This will help in preventing dark lips, lips pigmentation and lips tanning.

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