Top 8 Online Wholesale Men’s Clothing Websites! (UK/USA/China)

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The clothingindustry is one of the ever-blooming sectors in the entire world that ranges from thetextile industry to the fashion industry and second-hand clothes as well. If youare looking for online websites that deal with the manufacturers of the men’sclothing online and render the same to the retailers at a fair price, thenyou are at the correct place.

This blog renders information to all the retailers out there who are looking for either starting their own business in the field of men’s clothing or expand their business in the same field regarding various websites, manufacturers, trading system and various other things.

The wholesale men’s clothing industry is very well established in countries like UK, USA and China. Read the below blog to gain information relevant to the top 9 onlinewholesale men’s clothing websites.

Top 8 Online Wholesale Clothing Sites for Men (UK/USA/China)!

  1. Clothing Shop: Clothing shop is one of the most leading men’s clothing online website that deals with the men’s fashion that was launched back in the year 2012. The buyers can find every kind of clothing ranging from formal wear to shirts, comfy wear clothes, sweatshirts, workout attire and many more. The site is very affordable, and also it is very simple for every one of them to use and buy online. It is the main focus to work as a team, and the customers are treated as a family by rendering them the best quality products at affordable cost.
  2. Clothing Island: The online world of Clothing Island is exactly as the name suggests a wide variety of products along with the best quality and affordable prices. It is one of the biggest online wholesale apparel dealers located in Los Angeles, wherein the customers can order apparels via phone, fax or online. Apart from men’s clothing, the site also deals with the collection of women’s collection ranging from jeans, tops, costume jewellery, fashion accessories, plus size apparels, jackets, dresses and much more. The shipping process of the site is quite simple, and the customers can track their order in a much easier manner whenever they want to.
  3. CC wholesale clothing: Speaking on behalf of customers, CC wholesale clothing is one of the best men’s clothing sites based in the city of Los Angeles. It is one of the finest online websites that makes sure that it meets up all the requirements of the customers. They offer a wide range of products varying from men’s t-shirts, shirts, jeans, capris, active wear and many more. Along with that, the website also deals with women’s apparels, jewellery, accessories and many more.
  4. Trends gal: It is one of the most up-to-date global online wholesale websites that work in the fashion of delivering quite trendy and fashionable clothes to men as well as women out there. It is a one-stop solution for all the fashionistas in the world. Customers can buy anything, ranging from women’s clothes, accessories, bags, jewellery, footwear and the same applies to men as well. The extra added benefit from shopping from this website is that the more the customer shops, the more benefits he/she gets in return. This is possible because of the too much dedication by the wholesalers and the drop shipping services that are available at the website. Lastly, the website is legally registered as a private company so the customers can feel completely safe and secure while they shop the most trending and fashionable clothes online.
  5. Q clothing: It is one of the most leading online wholesale clothing websites that deal with super cheap fashionable clothes ranging from dresses, footwear, bags, plus size clothes and many more items. It is recommended as one of the top wholesale dealers in the UK that renders exclusive pieces and makes sure that it keeps the customers up to mark when it comes to recent trends and fashion.
  6. Influence fashion: It is one of the all-time go hubs for fashionable, trendy, eye-catching clothes for all the retailers or the businessmen who want to deal with clothes in wholesale rate. The website is one of the best men’s clothing sites that website renders a collection of both women as well as men collection and also has a range of bestsellers that take pre-order and render safe payment methods.
  7. J5 fashion: It is the best selling online wholesale website in the UK and the owners mainly focus upon making great quality products rather than cheap products. The website is quite well known for selling trending products, no matter what size, colour or material.
  8. Ali Baba: Ali Baba is one of the leading multinational websites in China that was laid back in the year 1999. It deals with the best quality wholesale clothing line for men as well as women.
Wholesaler Name Product Category Countries with Warehouses Membership Details Processing Time
Clothing shop Formals, workout attire, comfy clothes, sweatshirts USA   Three days
Clothing island Men’s apparels and women’s apparels USA   3-5 days
CC wholesale clothing Men and women apparels, accessories, jewellery USA   1-2 days
Trends gal Women’s apparels and men’s apparels USA   2-4 days
Q clothing Women and men apparels UK Free 2-4 days
Influence fashion Men and women apparels UK   2-5 days
J5 fashion Men’s apparels UK    
Ali Baba Men and women apparels. China Free  

Top 5 Tips on How to Find Online Wholesale Men’s Clothing Website!

  1. Differentiating on the customer service: Most of the customers think that they should distinguish the products based on brands and lower price on various brands will help them fetch great deals. This is not the case; instead, the customer, while searching online websites; needs to work upon differentiating the brands by rendering their best customer service.
  2. Building long-term relations: Always look out for the online wholesale website that makes sure and works in the path of building strong ties with its customers rather than focusing on the cheap deals.
  3. Comfortable and safe payment: The online website should be such that the online payment method should be safe and secure and also easy so that anyone can make payments online.
  4. Best suppliers: It is very much crucial for the customers to look out for the best suppliers online. The suppliers must be able to render the customers with not only quite trendy but also the fashionable clothes at a fair price that is unbeatable anywhere. One of the best ones with the best suppliers is the J5 Fashion as it has suppliers who render the best quality products at a fair price.
  5. Low processing time: Lastly, who doesn’t want their clothes to be delivered to them in a small amount of time? The customers must look at the websites that delivers the wholesale orders in a very low period. Generally, the websites with a delivery time of maximum five days are preferable by the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some of the best places to buy cheap and stylish clothes for men?

In the world of digitalisation, it is always recommended to search the online websites for buying cheap and stylish clothes for men. In India, J5 Fashion is the onethat you can always trust.

2. Which is the best time for online shopping for men’s clothing with great discounts?

Many websites render special discounts to its customers on occasions like festivals or anniversary of the website launch. At such time, the customers get great deals like heavy discounts on the minimum bill, buy two get one free and many other such offers. Sothe customers generally wait or the discount period, and they shop the required wholesale products for their business.

3. What is a good store/brand for men’s fashion in Tokyo?

One of the best brands for men’s apparel in Tokyo is Hankyu Men’s Tokyo. It is one of the leading brands that render excellent quality clothes.

4. Are online websites suitable for B2B?

Yes, totally. Men’s clothing online is one of the ever-blooming industries in the fashion industry because whatever happens, fashion is never going to die. Many people in the business lookout for websites that render men’s clothing at a wholesale rate with best deals while many wish to start their own business by getting men’s fashion clothing at wholesale price and then selling the same at the retail rate. The blog above renders information regarding everything from tip to toe while buying men’s clothes wholesale from online websites.

This was all about men’s fashion clothing wholesales; to know more about wholesale women’s fashion suppliers, click here.

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