Top 10 Ways To Spend Your Time While Traveling!

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Many people love traveling to different places while certain people hate spending the time while traveling. Such people usually tend to find some or the other alternative ways on how to spend time while traveling. If you are also searching some great time pass while traveling, then this is the perfect blog for you.

In the below blog there is a mention of 10 different that are not only creative but also fun ways that will help you in spending time while traveling. Also, if you love betting, then there are certain sites where you can bet and spend your time while traveling.

10. Writing Snail Mails

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In the modern technology, the only ways to contact a friend or a relative is via some of the other social media apps. People have forgotten the good old mail days. The only emails that we receive in today’s life are either from loan companies or online shopping sites. While you are traveling, you can surprise your friends and your family members by sending them a mail that describes your journey so far.

Tell them about how much wonderful the journey has been, about the new people that you have met and asked them about their life. This will make you feel good, take away your boredom and make your close ones happy.

9. Colouring

As painting is not possible while you are traveling, one of the best ways to pass your time is to do the coloring. Many adult coloring books are available on the market. These coloring books will not just help you pass your time but also keep you mentally calm and compose.

If the books are not easily available, then you can also search for your favorite painting and take a print out of the same and then enjoy filling the bright colors in it.

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8. Narrating a Story or an Incident

If you are traveling alone then just pick a random stranger and try getting into a conversation with the same person. Instead of repeating the old funny story that happened to you last year for the millionth time, try playing a game with the stranger.

Start by telling a line from any story or incident and the other one will pick up the last words and form his or her personal story and then repeat. This is ultimate fun.

7. Listening to Story

It is not always possible to travel with someone or carry your laptop to watch movies. Also in trains, sometimes there is a lot of noise, and it is not possible at all to sleep or pen down your thoughts.

The best possible thing during this time is to listen to the story of a random person who is interested in telling you his or her story. Maybe the stranger story inspires you to start something new or motivates you in what you are doing in your life.

6. Updating the Resume

It is boring enough to update the resume now and then, right? We suggest you that it is rather beneficial to have an up to date resume every time. Nobody knows when you could need the resume for an interview.

What else could be a better period when you are all alone to update the resume? Start adding all your achievements on the resume!

5. Betting

Many people love to play betting games online. For such people, there are top 10 betting websites that they can refer and start spending a gala time while traveling. Among the top 10 websites, one of the most common ones is the

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4. Learning Something New

Have you always wanted to learn some different kind of music or a different language? Then this is the best alone time that you can get while traveling. If you have ever wanted to learn Spanish or French or any other new language, then this is the time when you can plug in your earphones and start with the listening and learning.

While you are on a flight, there is no option for choosing the Netflix chill, so the only option you can have is to start learning something that you have never learned.

3. Writing Travel Memoirs

Traveling is one of the best memories of the life, only if you remember them for a lifetime. Take this advantage of writing down all your precious memories from all of your traveling diaries and make a record of all the exciting and fascinating things that you have experienced while on the trip.

You can also try the trending prompts like, listing about your last favorite trip and what made it more special, cool slangs that you learned at the trip, delicious delicacy that you had while on the trip and many more. Lastly, you can also make a journal of the same and have it as a memory for the lifetime.

2. Inventing a Drinking Game

There are times when there is too much noise in the surroundings. For instance, while traveling on a train the children and the gossiping ladies create a lot of noise in the compartment, and it is very hard to either sleep or does any other stuff.

So, during such times, there is one thing that you can do without even thinking, which is drinking! Also what could be better than playing some game with your friends while enjoying a glass of beer?

1. Making the Goal List

It is very important to have a to-do goal list in your life. It is best to write down a life goals list while you are traveling and who knows one of the things gets accomplished while on your current trip?

The rides while traveling is quite mundane to some people and it becomes interesting only when there is something really exciting to do while traveling. There are a lot of things that a person can enjoy while traveling like, listening music, reading novels, playing games but if the journey is too long then it is necessary to have something enthralling.

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