Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet And Not Buy

adopt a pet

If you have a pet in your house, you know how beneficial and essential it is to adopt a pet for everyone. They become emotionally, psychologically and physically beneficial to you. You get a good companion for yourself and your family. They give you their unconditional love and lessen your feeling of loneliness.

If you fulfill their needs, they will be “your friends indeed.” You have two options; either buy or adopt one. Below are the top ten reasons why you should adopt a pet and not buy.

1. Provide Right to Live

Dogs and cats that are not petted come into shelter house with the hope of exercising their right to live. But, do you know more than 2.7 million of them are euthanized in the U.S just because few people come forward to adopt them. When you opt to adopt one, you become a part of the humanitarian act of benevolence by saving a life and providing shelter space for another uncared animal.

2. Fighting against Puppy Mills

When you opt for buying a dog online or from a pet store, you are sure to get it from puppy mills. These are mass-scale breeding facilities, having the sole objective of making a good profit. Animals housed there live in poor conditions and without proper medical care. Consequently, they are often unhealthy and behaviorally troubled. Breeding dogs are abandoned, killed or sold in the auction if they are no more profitable.

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3. Get a House-trained Adult Animal

Adult pets are already house-trained, and you may not be required to deal with the kitten phase or the puppy phase. Thus, you will be saved from their child-like activities such as clawing, biting or chewing. You bring home, a full-fledged animal and immediately get from, all the activities that you expect from them, without having to put your efforts to bring them up to that stage.

4. Supporting a Noble Cause

Many non-profit organizations provide shelter to abandoned or uncared animals because it is a need for the community. When you adopt a pet from such organizations, you become a part of the noble cause. At the same time, you convey a message to others, the benefits of adopting the desired animals and the appropriate source for the same. As a result, the chances of unwanted animals entering the world will be reduced.

5. Cost-Benefits

You can buy a pet dog $500 to $1,000, whereas you can adopt one within the range of $50 to $200. It depends on whether you adopt from a city shelter or a rescue group that has incurred expenses on grooming, boarding or vets. By the principle of ‘Hybrid Vigor,’ a mixed breed costs less on vet bills and lives longer. Purebred dogs are susceptible to diseases like hip dysplasia, breathing difficulties and an enlarged heart. Adoption price includes the cost of first vaccination, spray, neuter or micro-chipping.

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6. Known Antecedents

You may not get support for any problems related to the animal if you buy it from a pet store. But if you adopt one from a rescue group, you know much essential information about it because the rescue group maintains a history of the animal. They also help you during the familiarization period of the dog. That will be a great relief for you.

7. Varied Age Options

When you buy a pet from a pet store, you mostly have the option of getting kittens and puppies that may be cute and cuddly. But, you can adopt dogs of any age from a rescue home; including the house-trained ones that may not require further training and civilizing. An adopted pet is intelligent, loyal and more loving and attached.

8. Varied Breed Options to adopt a pet

Usually, when you think of having a dog, you become choosy about its breed, size, color, shapes, and temperament. You may want a pure-breed or a mixed breed. If you go to a Shelter Pet House, you have many varieties to choose from.

9. Database of Adoptable Pets

The nationwide database of pets will provide you with every data you need about the pet you intend to pet.  If you are a little meticulous in your search on the internet, you can bring the best adoptable animal to your home and will get appreciation from your family.

10. Break the Cycle of Overpopulation of Pet

More than 8 to 12 million puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats are euthanized not because they have done anything wrong to human beings but because human beings are unable to provide them adequate shelter and care. If you adopt a pet, you are contributing your bit of responsibility for the worldwide campaign; “Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (SPCA.)

When you decide to adopt a pet such as a dog, you may like to have a German shepherd-Lab Mix. The two most popular canine breeds in the U.S are the German shepherd, and the most people prefer labrador retriever and the hybrid of these two breeds. Why? You may like to know certain essential facts about this hybrid.

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As the name suggests, German Shepherds have their origin in German. Labs are the descendant of the Labrador and Newfoundland province breed, which is called St John’s water dogs that were bred from a various mix of Irish, Portuguese, and English working dog; now extinct. They were distinguished because of their retrieval skills.

German Shepherds are large dogs; they are tall from their shoulder blades, around 55 to 65 CM; and they weigh around 22 to 40 kg. Labs are medium-sized breeds, with a height of 55 to 62 cm and weigh 25 to 36 kg. Thus the weight range of German shepherd encompasses the weight range of a Labrador retriever. Therefore, a German Shepherd Lab Mix may weigh from 25 kg to 36 kg, and there is a huge dissimilarity in their look, without any standard appearance.

The Labradors are active, friendly and outgoing, whereas the German Shepherds are confident, smart and courageous. They remain loyal throughout their life. The cross-breed dogs have more longevity than the pedigree dogs.

If you are convinced about the pros of adopting over buying, decide to adopt a pet from a reputed shelter house and be a part of this humanitarian cause.

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