Top 10 Mumbai Street Foods That You Must Try!

mumbai street foods

The best part of exploring a city, and tiring yourself out, is inevitably getting to taste the food that is unique to the city’s culture.

At every nook of the city, you will find yourself amidst the enticing scent of freshly made delicacies. Although there are many shops where you will get to taste the delicacies of the city, it’s important to understand which of them is the finest.

Mumbai is the essence of India; it is an amalgam of rich culture, beautiful art, and mouthwatering Mumbai street foods. It is a paradise for the soul of a foodie, and home for an avid traveler. Here, the fullness of various flavors is different in every type of delicacy the city has to offer. More than renowned hotels, the culinary of Mumbai dwells on the streets. Hence, a lot of hotels and high-end restaurants take up the recipe of famous street foods and adapt their cuisines into it.

Top 10 Mumbai Street Foods That You Should Try!

At times when you are soaked to the bone and too tired to go out into the energetic world outside of the hotel you’re staying in, you can find street food right at your doorstep. If you don’t know which cuisine to enjoy, here is a quick guide to ten of the most popular foods from the streets of Mumbai. This is also apt if you are visiting this city for the first time and residing in a hotel. You can find one of the best options to stay in Mumbai on Cleartrip.

1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is, hands down, one of the oldest and the best street foods available in Mumbai. It originated from this city and has struck the heart of everyone who has been there. Vada Pav consists of a patty made up of spiced mashed potato mixture. The patty is deep fried and packed in a fluffy white bun. This burger like delicacy is then garnished with an assortment of different chutneys and spices for a more refined taste.

2. Misal Pav

Unlike Vada Pav, Misal Pav is a dish with a side serving of curry. Misal is a flavorful curry made of moth beans. This curry is a spicy and thick mixture of sprouted lentils and relished with a toasted fluffy white bun. This dish is a common breakfast meal in many households of Maharastra. But you can have it as a side dish to your lunch or dinner too. An evening snack of Misal Pav, while enjoying the busy city lights of Mumbai would truly be an enjoyable moment.

3. Puran Poli

This Mumbai street foods item is more of a dish that your mother would pack in your tiffin while traveling, rather than a spicy junk food you would munch on. Despite this, Puran Poli is an original Maharashtrian beauty, which is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Its recipe consists of chana dal, flour, cardamom, and sugar. This dish is an extremely delicious, healthy, and sweet addition to any occasion.

4. Bhelpuri

This snack has become a part of the Indian cuisine in its entirety, but it had originated from the streets of Mumbai. Bhelpuri is something to enjoy when you’re trying to catch a quick break from exploring the city. This delicacy is made up of puffed rice and sev – they are mixed with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and add to that – a variety of chutneys.

More often than not, Bhelpuri is topped with a handful of chopped cilantro. Because of the sev, it’s crunchy, and because of the tomato, it’s tangy. This dish has a pang of fresh flavors and just the right consistency to boost your tired self and fill your empty belly.

5. Pav Bhaji

There is a story that comes with the emergence of Pav Bhaji in Mumbai. Originally, this dish was made from leftovers and served to workers who worked late at night. Later on, Pav Bhaji reached the streets and its fame spread with great flavor.

The basic recipe of a Pav Bhaji nowadays includes potatoes and tomatoes, which are mashed up with spices. This mixture is then served with butter toasted bread. Something that sounds as simple as this shouldn’t be so delicious and famous; but once you try it, you will know why it is.

6. Frankie Roll

A Frankie roll is a student’s best friend. Just grab it in your hand which is not holding a book, and eat away. This dish is easy to prepare, yet comes with extravagant flavors. Frankie roll, or simply a Frankie, is a roll made with flatbread. It is stuffed with egg, and fried chunks of meat – preferably spicy, salad onions and of course – mint chutney. These rolls are extremely delicious and mouth-watering. They melt in your mouth because of the soft lamb meat, and chutney.

7. Pani PuriOne of my Favorite Mumbai Street Foods!

Pani Puri is a street food that comes in different guises all over India. In Mumbai, it comes in the shape of small puris, which are poked, stuffed with chickpeas and potatoes, filled with chutney, and seasoned with spices. Then, flavored water is poured into it. The moment you’re handed this delicate little ball of flavors, you have to gobble it up, or it will turn soggy. Pani Puri is a great dish to have during any hour of the day, and refresh you.

8. Bombay Duck Fry

Although this dish is called Bombay duck, or Bombil, it5 does not have a duck in its recipe. What it does have is a type of lizardfish. The lizardfish in a Bombil is coated in a layer of semolina, and then deep fried to a crisp. Unlike most of the food items in this list, this dish is served as a full course meal, rather than a snack. It is a filling dish, with the right balance of taste and healthiness.

9. Dosa

Even though Dosa originally belongs to the South Indian cuisine, this dish in Mumbai comes with its unique flavors – true to the Maharashtrian style. Mumbai takes your traditional Dosa, fusions it with different flairs, and makes it it’s own.

10. Cutting Chai

Chai may not be a food item, but it is just too exquisite to exclude from this list. Mumbai is famous for its cutting chai. From every street food vendor to the restaurant, cutting chai is served almost like water. This half a cup of tea is just the correct amount to refresh your mind. There are variations of cutting chai that you can have, but they will satisfy you all the same.

Now that you know where and what to quench your taste buds with, we are sure you would take a day to stroll around the city and try out these mouthwatering Mumbai street foods. To know more about the street foods across the country, please visit us here.

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