Top 10 Indian Wholesalers In India/UK/China!

Indian wholesalers

If you are looking for Indian wholesalers in the field of clothing, fashion jewellery and many other items then you are the right place. The population in India is very high, and most of the business class people wish to buy things from Indian wholesale markets as it costs them reasonable and renders them some extra added benefits also.

With digitalisation,the Indian market has taken away the people by a storm by creating sites on online space. By doing so, the Indian wholesale market people can connect with people around the corner and render them the best services. The retail market people are being helped by the Indian wholesalersto get cheap yet best deals.

As per the recent survey, Indian wholesale market is booming in countries like the UK, China and India. The below article will help get an entire overview regarding the Indian wholesale market in these countries.

Top 10 Indian Wholesalers in India/China/UK

1. India Mart

It is one of the biggest Indian wholesale markets in India; Dinesh Agrawal and Brijesh Agrawal founded it in the year 1999. As the name suggests, it is a business to the business portal that connects the manufacturers with the buyers. The headquarters of the company is located in Noida. The company has its primary focus on selling fashion jewellery wholesale in Indiaand at rendering platform to small as well as large enterprises to make them easily do business.

Especially for the suppliers of the company, the website has enhanced its business visibility so that the supplier can easily contact them and it has also provided access to almost 1 million daily buyers. The latest feature that they have involved in their website is the instant payment gateway for the suppliers to give them hassle-free payment.

2. Shopclues

It is one of the bestselling e-commerce websites among the Indian wholesalers online under the ownership of Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2017, Sandeep Aggarwal, Sanjay Sethi, and Radhika Aggarwal created an innovative position for Shopclues. The company is doing very well in all the industries, and it mainly focuses on the category of fashion, kitchen supplies and daily necessity items.

The company has managed to achieve the milestone of becoming the largest merchant base ecommerce industry in India by selling wholesale dresses online in India. The company aims at over morethan 6 lakh merchants, and it also hasmore than 100 million site visits in a month, which proves to be extremelyvaluable to the suppliers.


It is a VC funded ecommerce site that is purely based in Bangalore. It was established in the year 2017 by Prasun Sarkar. Recently, the company is aiming to solve the problems for small and medium enterprises and also selling the best products from the Indian wholesalers to the retailers at cost-effective prices with the best quality.

The website quite contends the suppliers of the website as it aims at serving the best without any requirements of agents in between. Also, the suppliers are required to be honest and hardworking upon the needs of the customers. They should make sure that the hold on to the policy of customer first and should always encourage teamwork.

4. The Indian Connection

It is an Indian based company that deals with all the products from India and deals with products like gift shops, tourist attractions, garden centres and department stores. It is a trade only business, and they have set the prices according to that. The staff members of the company in India help it get the best suppliers from Indian wholesalers online who are happy to render products at a fair price to the company.

5. Spices of India

As the name suggests, the company is one of the Indian wholesalers based in UK deals with majorly kitchen based products of India and renders to its customers based in the UK. The items like grocery items, herbs and spices, curries, sauces, pickles, rice, flour, grain, health and beauty products are a major hit among the Indian people in the country.

6. Padmavati jewellery

The Company is one of the best Indian wholesalers in the UK, and it aims at rendering Indian jewellery to its customers back in the UK. The company has a tie-up plan with the global shipping companies, buys fashion jewellery wholesale in India and all of the products that the company sells are available online for the customers to check the price and know more of it.

There are around 300 craftsmen who are working for the three units that are in India. The different types of jewellery that the company sells are artificial, costume, south Indian, CZ, kundan, polka, bracelets, bangles, American diamond and many more. It makes the company one of the best Indian imitation jewellery wholesalers.


It is one of the biggest shipping platformsfrom China, and it has nearly a total of more than millions of products forsale. The customers can get the best price deals here and also the best part ofthe company is that it has less than 0.01% return rate.

The platform deals withmore than 20 third party selling platforms, andso the customers or the whole sellers can easilyput up their products with just a click on the site and start their businessright away. The company was founded back in the year of 2007 and has an everblooming industry since then.

8. Alibaba

The Alibaba Group is a Chinese multifunctional company that renders consumer to consumer, business to consumer and business to business sales services via its online portals. It was founded back in the year of 1999 by Jack Ma and Peng Lei. The company mainly deals with products like lights, home, security, toys, chemicals, gifts and many more. It is also one of the highest company to sell wholesale dresses online in India.

9. DHgate

It is the world’s most leading B2B website for the wholesale market, and it is also the first China-based online market. It was launched back in the year 2011, and it allows the customer to browse their favourite products and shop them on their mobile phones. The mobile app of the same renders a secure payment gateway to the customers. The company has a track record of delivering its products to people from more than 230 countries, and it offers a wide range of 20 million products to its customer line.

10. Wholesale dock

It is one of the high selling wholesale markets online based in China. It aims at selling home and lifestyle products to the customers at a fair price.  The suppliers are in general very hardworking and make sure that they stock up the warehouse as soon as the stock reaches its minimum level.

Wholesaler name Product category Countries with warehouses Membership details Processing time
India mart Apparels, electronic gadgets, industrial plants, building and construction parts, furniture supplies India 2,500-2,50,000 INR per month  
Shopclues Fashion, kitchen utility India 999/year Accessories, kitchen utilities, fashion, electronics and healthcare India Free  
The Indian Connection Departmental store utilities, garden utilities UK   2-4 days
Alibaba home, garden, furniture, toys, health, beauty China Free  
Spices of India Kitchen utilities and grocery items UK   2-3 days
Padmavati jewellery All types of jewellery UK   3-7 days  
dhgate Mobiles, weddings, sports, shoes, home, hair beauty, health care China free  
Wholesale dock Bags, luggage, home and lifestyle China Free  
China brands Tablets, accessories, automobiles, electronics, home, garden, beauty, health. Fashion, jewellery China   3-5 days

Top 5 Tips on choosing Indian Wholesalers across the Globe!

  1. Hiring the right people: It goes without saying that to run a thriving wholesale business, it is indispensable to retain the right and the perfect people who increase your footfall and help you generate enormous revenues. Make sure that you have a prior set benchmark for each position in the company, and every new employee is judged based upon the set parameter.
  2. Recording things online: It is tough for most of the people to manage and record the things online as they are used to paper and pen, but it’s not feasible because most of the times, it can be either lost or destroyed easily. It is highly suggested to make use of the online directories and technology to make and keep records safe and sound.
  3. Getting the inventory under control: It is next to impossible to manage and run a business to business distribution if do not have a proper handle on the inventory management. It is recommended to keep track of the items in the warehouses and bringing new stock whenever the items reach the minimum level. It is always better to keep track of the incoming as well as outgoing inventories and managing a capital stock in the warehouse so that the company is never out of stock.
  4. Differentiating on the customer service: Most companies think that they should distinguish the products based on brands and price, and this will help them fetch more customers than others. However, this is not the case; instead, the company needs to work upon differentiating the brands by rendering their best customer service. The company should focus on giving a quick response to its customers in a much unique manner.
  5. Building long-term relations: At the end of the day, the only thing that is going to fetch you customers and the old customers revisit you is your ability to form a strong and lasting relationship with them. If you, as a company make sure to prioritise the customer service, there is nothing that would stop you from becoming the top wholesaler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the best wholesalers in India?

If you are looking for the best wholesalers in India in almost every file, then it has to be It is one of the best ecommerce Indian wholesale market that renders the best customer service and deals with a variety of products ranging from electronics to baby products like toys and beauty care products. It guarantees the lowest price and the latest feature of the payment gateway is fabulous.

  • Should you have a website for your wholesale business in India?

With the digitalisation, most of the people deal online for their daily requirements as it is comfortable and safe. To increase your footfall, it is suggested to be visible online also. Not only it will help you get more and more customers; you will get to know about what is trending in the Indian wholesalers online market and the same you will be able to supply to your customers. 

  • How can you wholesale clothing and jewellery in India?

To wholesale dresses online in India and jewellery, the first thing that you need to do is to contact the suppliers of the product, for that, you can visit the commercial sites and contact the Indian imitation jewellery wholesalers suppliers directly. They will give you best deals at a fair price and then you can list your items on the retail sites or sell them directly.

  • Will these top wholesales provide me with the best price for B2B wholesale in India?

Most of the wholesales mentioned above are considered the best when it comes for B2B wholesale in India.

The world of Indian wholesale market might seem quite blooming and comfortable to most of the readers, but it is one of the most challenging jobs to establish a wholesale market on your own in any country of the world. There are many things that you need to take care of from the very beginning, and there’s the possibility of many hardships in the journey.

The above blog is a summary of the Indian wholesalers in three major countries: India, China and UK. It renders information about what products are bestselling and how to fetch more and more customers for significant revenue.

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