Things To Know About Zika Virus

zika virus

We have heard of some mosquito-prone diseases; one of them is the Zika virus. This virus was first discovered in 1947 in Uganda amongst the rhesus monkeys. Years later, in 1952 this virus was identified in humans in United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda; however, the traces of the Zika virus have been detected in Asia, Africa, American and the Pacific.

zika virus

Facts You Must Know

  • Aedes mosquitoes transmit a virus that causes Zika virus disease
  • The key symptoms of Zika virus are skin rashes; mild to high fever; body ache; conjunctivitis and/or malaise
  • There’s no vaccine or specific treatment available to fight against this virus
  • The best way of prevention against this virus is by protecting yourself from mosquito bites

Causes and Symptoms

This virus is created due to Aedes mosquito bites. The virus is transmitted from one person to the other when these Aedes mosquitoes bite an actively infected person and further spreads it through by biting other people.

It isn’t much clear about the incubation period of the disease called Zika virus; however, it is likely within 5 to 7 days. Over 80 percent of infected patients are unaware of the fact that they are suffering from this disease because of its mild symptoms.

The Zika virus symptoms are similar to mosquito-borne diseases including dengue, West Nile and YellowFever, which includes skin rashes; mild to high fever; muscle pain; joint ache; a headache; conjunctivitis and/or malaise. These symptoms last for a few days, notably around 2 to 7 days.

There’s not much to worry about this infection; however, its alarming cause towards the newborns is a fact of concern. Researchers have stated that Zika virus in the infants may cause microcephaly, which is a neurological ailment. This disorder may cause severe developmental problems in babies.

zika virus

Protection Against Zika Virus

There’s no vaccination or specific treatment available to fight against this virus; thereby, it becomes essential that we take preventive measure to protect ourselves against this virus:

  • Avoid traveling to places that are identified of active infestation
  • Use mosquito nets and mosquito repellents while sleeping during the nighttime
  • Prefer wearing apparel that covers your complete body before going to bed
  • Keep yourself away from people who are already infected with this virus or any other kind of mosquito-borne viruses

Treatment for Zika Virus

This viral infection or disorder is relatively mild. The virus cannot be treated by any particular treatment or vaccine; thereby, you must consider the below listed natural ways of treating this infection:

  • Take plenty of rest as sleeping is the key
  • Drink surplus amount of water and always keep yourself hydrated
  • Take ordinary paracetamol and pain pills to treat body aches and mild fever

If the condition worsens, you should immediately seek help from your local GP as they may prescribe you with certain prescription antibiotics.

zika virus

Zika Virus and Prevention Authorities

Researchers are in the process of creating a Zika virus gel; they are doing everything possible to ensure to turn this virus into a history. That isn’t all; the government is assuring awareness program through various media sources so that we provide clean, hygienic environment on an individual basis for a healthy living.

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