Theresa May – A New Turn In The History Of Britain

Theresa May

On 23rd June 2016, people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. In a referendum wanting people to vote either for Britain exiting the EU and otherwise, 51.9% of people were in favor. This meant that UK would be withdrawing its membership from the EU.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was against the Brexit. He wanted his country to remain a member of the union and keep developing along with other countries. But after the residents of his country went against him, he decided to resign from his post. He will hold his final cabinet meeting on 12th July 2016.

What BREXIT means is that Britain will be in a panic state for some time. It has already lost its AAA credit rating after the Pound crashed to its lowest levels since 1985. Britain will have to make new trade agreements with the rest of the world. As a reaction to Brexit, EU has removed all the British scientists from its research and development team.

David Cameron and BREXIT

Britain's Prime Minister
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David Cameron was highly against Brexit, but since the country came to be of the same, he thinks it is the best for the nation to have a new leader. This has brought the need for a new leader for the country. 329 Conservative members of the Parliament listed down the names of 2 candidates for their party’s leadership. Later, 150,000 members from the Conservative party were to hold the final say.

But as it turns out, Theresa May, Home Secretary (2010 – present), is the only candidate left in the race, and thus there would be no further need for voting from the members of the party. The other candidate, Andrea Leadsom, withdrew her name from the race for the leadership.

On 13th July 2016, after David Cameron will step down from his prime ministerial post, Theresa May will be named the new leader of the country. Although she was against the Brexit, she has stated that the choice of the nation will be appreciated and followed. If the nation wants to exit the EU, so be it.

Theresa May – The New To-Be Prime Minster

David Cameron and Theresa May
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After the coalition government had been formed in 2010, Theresa May was appointed the Home Secretary as well as the Minister for Women and Equalities. She gave up the latter in 2012, and was reappointed to her former duty in 2015 general elections, and is serving till date. She is the only person after James Chuter Ede to have served this long as the Home Secretary.

She assumed the office as Conservative Party’s leader on 11th July 2016, after Leadsom withdrew her nomination. She is expected to assume the prime minister’s office on 13th July, shortly after David Cameron formally resigns from the post. It will be only the second time in the history of Britain that a woman will take charge of the country. The last such instance was in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher assumed the office and served till 1990.

Vowing to bring people back together, Theresa May pledges major social reforms. She promises to stand by the ordinary workers and make way for new laws to block fat cat pay and bonuses. Cameron has also said that he will support May in any way possible. She has said that the decision of the nation will be honored by her government.

We have to see now in which direction the development of the nation flows, and what will be the impact of the historic referendum in the coming years. We hope that Britain can handle the pressure and come back strongly. If you want to share your views regarding the fate of UK, please feel free to leave a comment.

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