The Girl On The Train 2016 : A Complete Movie Review

The girl on the train: Movie Review

The Girl on the Train is the latest mysterious thriller based movie, which is directed by Tate Taylor and amazingly scripted by Erin Cressida Wilson. The movie is entirely based on the 2015 debut novel, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Marc Platt has produced it under the joint venture of Dream Works Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, and Marc Platt Productions. It has been distributed by Universal Productions and runs for time duration of 112 minutes.

The movie has been released on 1st of October, 2016.

The Girl On The Train: Star Cast

The girl on the train: Movie Review
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  • Emily Blunt As Rachael Watson
  • Rebecca Ferguson As Anna Watson
  • Haley Bennett As Megan Hipwell
  • Justin Theroux As Tom Watson
  • Luke Evans As Scott Hipwell
  • Allison Janney As Detective Sgt. Riley
  • Lisa Kudrow As Monica
  • Laura Prepon As Cathy

The Girl On The Train: Story Plot

The movie, The Girl On The Train, describes the life of an alcoholic lady, Rachael Watson after she has been divorced as her husband caught her having an extramarital affair. Rachael Watson is shown taking the train to her work, daily and while she is travelling all she does is fantasizing about having relationships with her neighbours, Megan Hipwell and Scott Hipwell. This kind of daily routine of the lady changes when she sees something very unusual from the window of the train and later it is discovered that one of her neighbours, Megan is found dead.

The divorcee has been shown in a state of dilemma as she starts the investigation for her missing neighbour and that one decision of her shakes her entire life.

Critics Review

The girl on the train: Movie Review
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The movie was not able to gain much fame as per the hype that was created before the release of the movie. It has been reviewed that the characters have not played their best role, which is one of the major reason for the movie not gaining much fame and high standard reviews. The critics have reviewed it as time and money waste money for the viewers.


Summing up, the story plot is good, but it does not have any twists and amazing turns that can generate some excitement for the viewers. The casting in the movie is not good, and the storyline is the same way as was in the novel.

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