The Disappointments Room 2016: Movie Review

the disappointments room: movie review

The latest Hollywood film is a horror story named The Disappointments Room. The film is directed by D. J. Caruso and written by Wentworth Miller. The film released all around the world today by Rogue Pictures. The film is amongst the low budget films of the year but was an awaited one. It has to face some competition at the box office as there is another release on this day.

The Disappointments Room: Star Cast

the disappointments room: movie review
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  • Kate Beckinsale as Dana
  • Lucas Till as Ben
  • Gerald McRaney as Judge Blacker
  • Mel Raido as David
  • Duncan Joiner as Lucas
  • Michael Landes as Teddy
  • Ella Jones as Laura

The Disappointments Room: Synopsis

The film is inspired by a real life true story.  The story is based on the terror family experiences in their house. A young couple Kate Beckinsale and Mel Raido, Dana, and David in the film shifted with their son to their dream house in an old classic rural house. They were unknown to the history of the home.

There were some hidden secrets in the house as a secret room in the attic. The family felt some unexplainable presence and in an event, Dana found the key for the secret room, and she unlocks it. As the room was open now, they could feel the past terror and horrifying events happening with them in the house.

Critic Reviews

The film is considered to be a lowest grossing film of this year. Although the predictions were good before the release, the critics gave mixed reviews. The film had many terrifying moments but opened with a very low response.  IMDB gave 8.1 on 10 for the film which is a respectable rating.

the disappointments room: movie review
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Final Verdict

The Disappointments Room was predicted to have a good opening, and it got famous among the audiences. The film was given an R-rating due to violence, blood images, sexuality, and language. Overall a good movie for this weekend, or horror movie lovers and frequent watcher of such films may feel repetitive and nor much horrifying.

There is a dozen of films in Hollywood with the same theme of shifting to a haunted house and the females and children in the family experiencing the horror. So it is nothing new for Hollywood. An average film for this weekend, so if you are bored with usual action and drama to can watch this one for a change.

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