Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa Passed Away On 5th December At Apollo Hospital

Jayalalithaa passes away

After struggling life and death for several hours persistently, the much loved and respected chief minister of the Tamil Nadu state, gave her life. She has been fighting it out, admitted at the Apollo Hospital, while fate played and took her life away; leaving several of her followers and many govt. Officials are mourning her death after 11:30 pm last night.

She had been giving up on her health and signs were sheer clear for that matter that she might not be able to strive for it. However, the hospital officials and the team of doctors tried until their last bit, offering the best possible life-saving options.

This sad demise of the chief minister has engulfed all across Tamil Nadu, and people are in major grief. People, in fact, were seen stoning the hospital after the news of her illness spread across the state. The respected leading lady had been in the hospital since the 22nd of September, 2016. She had not been keeping well for quite some time now, while he had to fight a cardiac arrest on Sunday.

Talking about Jayalalithaa’s life journey, she has been keeping her hands full, ever since the age of 16. She started acting in films and became a prominent face of many films, gathering love and affection from millions of her fans, all around the country. She then decided to enter politics, back in the 1980s and her stint there has been equally remarkable ever since then.

She did face her share of politics and criticism but had been a through fighter and managed to sail through all that came her way, flawlessly for that matter. Her tenure as a CM; started back in the year 1991. There were many allegations that made her journey as a CM, even tougher! However being a high-spirited woman, she took all of that with courage, and again stood for election and regained her position in 2001. This had been and ongoing affair for her now.

Jayalalithaa passes away
Photo Credit: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-37571123

The best part is that her sentence to the jail to the illegal asset cases on her, did not deter her spirits and neither did it affect her support from the common man. She regained power and is one of the lucky few to acquire the CM’s post even after so much going around.

Well, politics leaves no one, but this woman passed through all and shone as bright as the sun, always. After ruling the state for 15 years, she had taken up a special place in the hearts of many!

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