How To Manage Illness And Overcome Them?

manage illness

The Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) program were developed based on an extensive review of research on educating how to manage illness and self-management ways of clients with schizophrenia, and other severe mental diseases and “packaged” in a source kit to accomplish distribution.

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Health Benefits of Honey – The Liquid Gold

Health benefits of Honey

For centuries, the health benefits of honey are known to the world; honey or the so-called sweet ‘liquid gold’ is a treasure chest of several medicinal and nutritional values. This golden liquid found from the beehive is a sweetener for most healthy kitchens

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All Good Things and Health Benefits of Yoga!

Have we ever sat back and thought, what is that one thing that we require the most in life? I have done that homework, and the answer is good health! Good health brings everything along from happiness to prosperity. There are several benefits of yoga. Yoga is a package deal of all those things that can offer us a healthy lifestyle; benefits of yoga include an ideal body weight; an appealing posture;

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