Serena Williams – Wimbledon Tennis Championship Legend In Making

Serena Williams Wimbledon Tennis Championship

The much awaited Women’s Single’s of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship has at last come to an end with Serena Williams winning the Grand Slam for the historic 22nd time. Some highlights just for you.

  • This is the 7th time Serena is winning the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.
  • Born in Michigan, Serena is the youngest of the five daughters in her family.
  • With her 22nd Grand Slam, she matches the record of Steffi Graff, who has also won the Grand Slam 22 times.
  • Serena is yet to break the ultimate record set by Margaret Court, who has won the Grand Slam 24 times.
  • Serena had won the Wimbledon 2015 as well. But she was unfortunate to lose in all the other subsequent Grand Slams, which happened, namely the US Open, Australian Open and the French Open. Hence, Serena was highly ambitious to win this time. She also spent sleepless nights and was stressed out whether she would win the Wimbledon game this year.

  • Serena’s opponent in the 2016 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Finals was Angelique Kerber. Serena lost against her in the previous Australian Open Tennis tournament of 2016. This again was the reason for her stress before the Finals of Wimbledon match.
  • Serena is not an outspoken personality. She does not express her opinion to any particular happening around the world. But she spoke out yesterday to the media, expressing her concern regarding the recent racial attacks in the USA. ‘It is something that is very painful to see happening. Do I have to call my relatives and tell them not to go outside because if they get in their car, it might be the last time I see them? I don’t think the answer is to continue to shoot our young black men in the US. The entire situation is extremely sad especially for someone like me’, she said. Serena has thus brought global attention towards the recent shooting of 2 young black men by the USA Police.
  • After winning the Women’s singles, Serena went ahead and won the Finals for Women’s doubles, pairing up with her sister Venus Williams. Double victory strikes her the same day!
Serena Williams Wimbledon Tennis Championship
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As far as the Grand Slam is concerned, for men, there has been a consistency that certain well-known players win every year or the other. But for women, there is no consistency in winning, for a particular player. The only person who has created this benchmark and has been a trendsetter for consistency in winning is none other than Serena Willams.

The upcoming target for Serena Williams is the Olympics 2016, which is supposed to happen in Brazil from 5th to 21st August. It is to be noted that she won the Gold Medal for Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles in the 2012 Olympics held in London.

Serena Williams along with Andy Murray, who won the Gold for Tennis in 2012, will be defending the Olympic title this time. It is to be noted that Andy Murray is the winner of Men’s Singles in Wimbledon Tennis Championship this year.

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