Saansein – The Last Breath 2016: Movie Review

Saansein – The Last Breath 2016 Movie Review

If you love thrillers and horror snaps, this one might excite you, but not really.

The film is a debut project for the stunning Sonarika Bhadoria who played the role of Goddess Parvati in the tele-series “Devo ke Dev Mahadev!” This is surely an entirely different role and avatar the actress would be seen adorning after her Parvati role in the famous spiritual show.

This is a horror thriller based script that would show you romance in between the sheets of horror base, that desperately tries to make you feel scared, but fails miserably. The director’s last film was based on similar concepts, 1920, which gained a great applaud amidst the audiences.

There is romance, mystery, some songs and so much more that is all weaved in together to make you a package. There are no big banners or names involved in the movie; you would not find its twists and turns interesting enough to keep you glued to the big screen!


Saasein – The Last Breath 2016 Movie Review
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This film shows Shirin, who works as a singer at a resort in Mauritius. This happens to be the best club in the area. Shirin’s a charming girl, and her work brings in a lot of unwanted attention over to her, anyways. Shirin is shown upset due to the same and she maintains distance from such acquaintances, while she is shown to disappear in the movie, all of a sudden, each night. This marks the onset of the mysterious twist in the flick.

If anybody tried to follow her after her work, surely met fate, sooner than destined. The trouble begins for Abhay, played by Hiten Tejwani, who happens to fall in love with Shirin!

Star Cast

  • Rajneesh Duggal
  • Sonarika Bhadoria
  • Hiten Tejwani
  • Sachi Ruia
  • Vishal Malhotra
  • Neetha Shetty
  • Amir Dalvi

Saansein – The Last Breath: Story Plot

The story revolves around the two of the lead actors, their strong love, and fondness for each other. Abhay falls for Shirin, but she continues to ignore his attention and affection both. The reason remains the twist and the underlying plot of the film, though! Abhay, on the other hand, doesn’t wish to give up and continues to adapt the best ways to charm his lady love away.

He invades Shirin’s life and happens to come across the secret and the truth of her life until the story gets a new objective. He decides to do all that he can to make his love get free of anything that comes between the two of them. Secrets, nightmares, horror, encounters, hidden facts, fears, and so much more!

Critics Reviews & Ratings

Post Raaz Rebooted, this film – Saansein has nothing exclusive to offer. It may not stand the box office for a longer tenure. According to the Times of India, “Saansein portrays nothing more from comical to illogical scenes and instances. Its short running time is the movie’s only life savior.”

Our overall film rating for our readers is 2/5.

Saasein – The Last Breath 2016 Movie Review
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The flick is an encircling thriller and suspenseful supernatural story, wherein the makers try hard to scare the hell out of you, but miserably fail. If in case you wish to see the film being a horror movie buffs, you are most likely to get disappointed for sure. You must get to the theaters if in case you have nothing else to do over the weekend, as this one is nothing more than just another cheap horror trick that ropes in romance and unbelievable supernatural elements. Come, on, it was just the sounds that made you skip a heart-beat, as the movie doesn’t have anything more!

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