Religious Leaders Worry For Religious Places After Attack At French Church And Priest Murder

Father Jacques Hamel

After Attack at French Church and killing of an 84 years old priest in Normandy, the religious leaders have become much worried for the security of themselves and their holy places, so they have demanded more security.

Religious leaders belonged to different faiths – Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhists – met President Hollande and expressed their concerns. The President on Wednesday morning has held a conference of his security and defense council, and he also chaired a cabinet meeting.

It was Tuesday morning, and Father Jacques Hamel was doing diving prayer in the church when two men attacked and killed him. One of these two men was clad in an electronic surveillance tag; however, it was not turned on due to its being under testing condition.

Father Jacques Hamel
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The President requested people for maintaining the unity. He also added that the fight against the terrorism is one such a fight that will continue for a long time, and people should stand together to win this fight. He said that terrorist had attacked at our democracy, now it would protect us.

Daily Boukaeur, who is the Muslim leader, and the rector of Grand Mosque of Paris expressed his concern saying their worship places needed great and sustained focus on their security. He also added that these places could be attacked.

He also showed deep grief at the attack on behalf of Muslims living in France. He called this attack a blasphemous sacrilege.

attack in France
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Andre Vingt-Trois, who is the Archbishop of Paris, admired the people of different religions for living together harmoniously in France.

Indicating to the IS (Islamic State Group self-styled), He warned people to stay away from the political game of Daesh. He also added that it (IS) wants us to fight with our family members.

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