Reddy Marries His Daughter In Ceremonies Worth 500 Whooping Crore!

Reddy weds his daughter

Well, the internet is buzzing in gold, from the pictures derived from the lavish wedding of the Reddy’s daughter Brahmani. The bride looks radiant and glows while being laden with gold and diamonds all over all. The common man is struggling in the bank and ATM queues while this household has bucks for all the galore they have precisely recreated for their beloved daughter and son in law.

The wedding took place on the 16th of November’2016, in a traditional avatar. Each of the ceremonies took place as per their culture and just like any other wedding would have. But the cash outflow was the only thing that made this wedding extremely special and the talk of the nation.

Here are a few insights on the wedding, worth drooling upon, even after two days!

  • Janardhan Reddy called for 300 bouncers to manage the various ceremonies and keep the outsiders away.
  • More than 50,000 guests were invited to attend the lavish affair.
  • 1500 rooms were booked in luxurious hotels to ensure the guest has great comfort all through the wedding.
  • While traditionally people booked buses for the guests to reach the various venues. But this Big Fat Indian wedding had around 2000 cabs lined up along with Chartered Flights playing in 15 helipads to make sure the VIPs reached the wedding mandap on time and with ease.
  • The wedding venue was nothing less than a dreamland. It was that perfect Bollywood set that was recreated, looking just like the Vijaya Vittala Temple from Hampi. The entire look, on the whole, looked like the Krishnadevaraya palace.
  • There was the much indeed Bollywood element garnished to make the wedding even more fascinating. Popular celebrities like king Khan, Shahrukh as well as Prabhu Deva reported performed at the wedding. Apart from them, a larger chunk of Tollywood also reportedly reached and entertained the VIP guests at the prolific wedding.
  • Thousands of art directors, artists, and laborers worked hard to give this wedding its final look. While the cash inflow indeed kept things going in high spirits, undoubtedly.
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Right from the wedding Invitation, to the ornaments, over to the 17 Cr saree of the bride, each and every aspect of the wedding was dipped in Gold and shimmering with money. Now all this is certainly, typically a billionaire scythe, what do you say?

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