How To Prevent Skin Infection In Summer?

skin infection

The hot afternoons, increasing temperatures, and irritating day times can lead to a harsh environment and skin infection that can attack your physical and mental health. Your skin covers your whole internal organs as it is elastic, tough covering. It protects from microbes, insects, and UV radiation also from abrasions and chemicals.

Keeping our bodies cool through sweating; it also plays most important role in thermoregulation. Here we are discussing some skin problems and their preventions during summer months. Have a deep look at them:

 1. Yeast Skin Infection

yeast infection
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  • Yeast infection causes the most well know skin infection in summer. These are known as tinea versicolor.
  • In humid places, these infections are very common.
  • Scaly patches on your neck, chest and back are some of its symptoms. Then the rest part of your skin, these patches might also appear tanner.
  • With impeccable hygiene, You can prevent yeast infection. Prevent sweating and don’t let is for a log time and getting dry on your body.
  • After exercising or any physical activity, try to rinse your sweat off properly and also Shower twice a day. To stay away from yeast infections, there are so many soaps available in the market containing pyridine zinc.

2. Poison Rash

poison skin infections
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  • Another common skin problem is there; Poison rash, or contact dermatitis. The poison oak or poison ivy when coming into contact with skin and this frustrating and very dangerous summer months skin problem.
  • Here the symptoms are the itchiness, and the varying degree of redness may just seem like an allergic reaction. You could get sores and crack, or even break out in cities.
  • The best way to prevent them is to avoid such place where you will found poison oak, lavender, wild daffodils and other such allergens.
  • Otherwise, you can cover up your skin with long clothing if you’re hiking through an area that may have these pesky culprits.

3. Skin Infection through Bug Bites

skin infection due bug bites
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  • During Summer, Bug bites are another all-too-common skin problem.
  • Sometimes serious bug bites can cause Lyme disease as these bites are itchy and annoying. When you are going outside, having a picnic or camping, use some bug repellants on your body, use them in your home also.
  • This is the best way to prevent them. Citronella candles are the best bug repellents to be used while you are on your patio or outdoor spaces.

4. Bacterial Skin Infection

skin infection bacterial
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  • Another very common skin infection is due to bacteria during summer months.
  • By this, you may get folliculitis, and its symptoms are like your skin a burning, itching sensations. Sometimes around your shoulders or on your thighs and also You may feel unpleasant pustules on your skin.
  • To prevent folliculitis, you should wear loose clothes made of breathable fabric and keep yourself clean and hygienic. For more prevention, you can use antibacterial soaps and shampoos.
  • Using these will cut down your chances of picking up this summer skin infection.

5. Sun Burn

skin infection due to sun
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    • Sunburn is the very common type of skin irritation during summer.
    • This is caused due to ultraviolet rays of the sun and cause freckles, sunspots and potentially even skin cancer.

Conclusion: You can prevent skin infection during summer easily by wearing a hat, carrying an umbrella, drinking plenty of water and wearing sunscreen. But there are so many types of skin problems during summer; you need to prepare for that and also know how to prevent them.

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