A Setback Due To Post Brexit Increase Of Racism In UK

post-brexit racism

The UK has touched a new low and has a cut a sorry face to International community due to post-Brexit racism in UK. In the time, when the UK is pondering over post-Brexit strategy for the development of their economy, racism would be worst nightmares, which the UK would have to fight in the coming days.

Did you know that Brexit was a result of Xenophobia?

Xenophobia is defined as developing a fear or dislike of seeing people from other countries. After Brexit, the hatred for immigrants by the UK citizens has increased to an adverse level, leading to several hate crimes.

post referendum racism
Photo Credit: http://metro.co.uk/2016/06/27/what-can-you-do-to-help-stop-this-new-wave-of-racism-5968775/

The UK has got an enormous immigrant population, with people from several countries who live there, including a major population from the European Union. Even though individuals who live in the UK from other European countries are from the same union, people are different, their cultures and languages are different. This has made the UK develop a high Xenophobia against the immigrants.

Racism in UK

Xenophobic abuse after British referendum has been reported to increase by 57%. Few reported cases of hate crimes and racism in UK, which are happening post-Brexit are as follows:

  • The UK citizens have been ill-treating the immigrants by criticizing them in public places, such as demanding separate queue for UK citizens and others.
  • Graffiti posts in the areas of Polish communities which read ‘We have voted to leave; When are you leaving?’ have been made.
  • Messages are being spread through social media such as facebook and twitter to stop immigration to the UK and asking non-citizens of UK to leave the country.
  • The worst part is, even in schools, the children are harassed by fellow kids who ask ‘When is your next plane back to your country?’
  • Slogans such as ‘Make Britain White Again’ and ‘No More Polish Vermin’ are prevalent in the country.
  • Spanish immigrants were barred from entering clubs and restaurants for which they used to be regular customers.
  • UK natives have been reported to use profane language when they hear people speaking a foreign language among themselves or on the phone.
profound language - racism in UK slogan
Photo Credit: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/28/through-the-looking-glass-brexit-racism-and-british-common-sense.html

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has severely condemned the racism based hate crimes being committed across the UK. He has firmly stated that the UK would not stand for hate crimes. The only way to curb racist ideologies against the racism in UK is that the thought processes of people have to be changed gradually by conducting counseling classes, strict rules and immediate helpline.

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