All About The PM Modi’s Surgical Strike Over Black Money

surgical strike on black money

The entire country has been left awestruck with the sudden coherent decision that has left the entire country dumb fold. There is a lot of apprehension and assumptions still spread out with the common men of the country; however, on the whole, a majority of people have been observed to support the PM Modi decision in hope to fight corruption and become a balanced and stronger economy. Well, this is what the country truly deserves, undoubtedly.

The entire day, today has been involved in distributing the new currency all over the country. Hence, the old 500 and 1000 denominations would no longer continue to hold any valid presence in the country’s economic system. The RBI has already started issuing the beautiful 2000 currency over to the common people, starting today.

Most of the people have given immense support towards this revolution and have patiently participated by waiting in queues at their respective banks. The country has been suffering for decades now, and this is a ray of hope that would make them live better and fight corruption, terrorism, etc. optimistically.

There is a set of some rules that must be followed to get your old notes exchanged, hassle-free; whereas, most of them are being constantly circulated on air and online too. You can take a quick look at some guidelines that would help you get your money exchanged, if in case you have not tried today:

Indian currency information
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  • The maximum amount that can be exchanged per day is INR 4000.
  • Teams at the banks are working hard and spending time at work.
  • ATM withdrawal limit shall be INR 10,000 daily and INR 20,000 weekly.
  • 30th December shall be the last date to get all your older currency exchanged.
  • Until the new 500 rupee notes arrive, people will have to work around with Rs. 2000, Rs 100, Rs. 50, Rs. 10, Rs. 5, Rs. 2, Rs. 1 and coins to meet their daily needs.

An Insight on the Ban

There are many stories from the million mouths in the country. However, facts remain that it has all been worked upon to find money laundering as well as deal with the endless corruption led by black money in the country.

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