PM Modi’s Plans: A Climbing Ladder Or A Fall And Fail

500 and 1000 notes banned

PM Modi… Making a correct decision is imperative; however, implementing it rightly is all the more important. I voted for YOU, but I am rethinking my decision. I am against black money; however, I am also against imposing trouble on those who do not deserve to have it.

Yes, your step towards eradicating black money out of India is correct; but did you ever think “over the whole thing” of implementing your decision in a perfect manner? My personal views… NO! Reason: People in actual need of money for their day-to-day use are struggling and suffering. Let’s go through a few of my personal experiences in the past two days:

Rush at Petrol Pumps
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  1. I hail from Surat, Gujarat. I strolled through the city in search of an ATM that did not have a queue; however, it was a complete failure. People since early morning were in the queue and unbelievable many ATM centers had almost a kilometer long line of people waiting, suffering and sweating in the sun, again thirsty and hungry.
  2. Most of the people in the queue were people who were on a half-day unpaid leave from their jobs (service people) just to pull-out Rs. 2,000 of mere cash. So, here the money isn’t worth a half day loss.
  3. Black money? Where’s the actual one? Housewives and retired elderlies were in the queue for more than 4 hours just to get their money exchanged (mere Rs. 4,000.) Is this fair? I don’t think so.
  4. Regarding the deposits; PM “ji” YOU ARE LOSING MONEY! People are burning and throwing all the money. You should have made certain provisions that would aid and enhance everyone to deposit money into their bank account. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You could have levied whatever percentage tax (even 65% or more to ensure that at least that would have been declared). People aren’t doing it BECAUSE they are worried about the IT raids.
  5. Mr. Modi fairly and proudly announced that medical stores, hospitals, airports, railway stations and petrol pumps shall be accepting the 500 and 1000 (notes) until the 11th November 2016. NONE OF THEM ARE ACCEPTING IT. In case, if they are ready to accept, they do not have enough change to return. Weren’t you responsible for providing them with enough change to keep the cycle going? (I stood at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Rao International/Domestic Airport, Mumbai; downloaded the OLA app; booked a cab with my credit card. This is after all the efforts of convincing the airport authorities to accept 500 and 1000 notes and book a prepaid taxi for me.)
  6. I also saw Surat Railway Station almost empty today; wow! The COOLIS have no work since the past 3 days (that’s what they have confessed); they don’t have enough money for their day-to-day living. The Government business is in actual LOSS. How are we going to succeed?
  7. I had a personal conversation with the owner of one of the biggest departmental stores of Surat, Gujarat. Their daily turnover reduced to only 20% compared to what they had on a regular day. The vendors are facing a LOSS. Where’s the Indian economy going? Who is responsible for all this? According to me, it’s PM Modi!
ATM queue
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This list can go on and on… Overall, lack of implementation of the plan was visible. People for whom this entire process is being implemented (the lower middle class and the middle class) are being harmed. People are losing Confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It looks like his vote bank is effectively getting empty; I am sure the effects are going to be fairly visible in the Indian Lok Sabha Prime Minister’s Elections 2019.

PM Modi – you were elected by the people, for the people and by the people of India with high hopes and expectations. Your slogan, “Achche Din Aayenge” is heading NOWHERE! We aren’t able to witness any so-called “Achche Din!” Your decisions, especially the implementation of those decisions have been a TOTAL LET DOWN for the Citizens of India.

Thank you!

Anchal Milap Thakrar (Anchal J. Tailor)

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