10 Best Places To Visit In Big Sur, California

places to visit in big sur

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the biggest attractions for the tourists in Big Sur; this coastline is around 90 miles long with beaches and jagged cliffs. Big Sur is obtained from a Spanish word, which means the country located in the south.  The widely spread inhabited area makes it one of the most lovely places to visit in Big Sur to admire the nature and enjoy outings.

1. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

This scenic Park is forenamed after Julia Pfeiffer. The view consists of tan oak, redwood, and beautiful 80 feet waterfall camping which will not let anyone disappoint. And from a higher height from the sea level trekkers can take pleasure in amazing panoramic views of the ocean.  Visiting from December to January, you could also see Grey Whales, which normally migrates passing close that locates south to the shoreline. The park opens 1/2 hour prior to sunrise and is open until 30 minutes after sunset. Camping is allowed on two campsites in this park; however, vehicles aren’t allowed.

2. Bixby Creek Bridge

places to visit in Big Sur

Bixby Creek Bridge was originally built in 1932 for the people living here to travel by during the months of winter as the old coastal roads use to be almost impassable. And this bridge made of concrete is one of the best in the world. There are various turning points where normally all drivers pull over to enjoy the view. And it’s more adorable and beautiful during sunset and looks for like regional landmark. It is one of the best places to visit in Big Sur, California.

3. McWay Falls

McWay Falls

McCoy Falls throws itself from above 80 feet annually. Being very close to the sea, it can be counted as a tide fall. The flow of this waterfall is more powerful during the spring season. The small beach, and cove underneath can only be accessed using the boat ride; it can also be viewed from the above. An Amazing view is offered over the landscape which makes it just the place for photographers, and nature lovers. It is very family-friendly spot.

4. Point Sur State Historic Park

tourist attractions in Big Sur

Point Sur State Historic Park is considered to be the only lighthouse left of its type, which is open for all kinds of visitors in California. And it has been operated since 1st August 1889 since then families living at the site have always ensured that the light station does its job until it was automated in 1974. This sits on top of the volcanic rock, which is 361-foot above the sea level offering an amazing view. Guided tours are mandatory, which is available on the weekends all year round and takes around 3 hours for the tour. It is among the top-notch tourist attractions in Big Sur.

5. Henry Miller Memorial Library

Henry Miller Memorial Library

Henry Miller Memorial Library is another attraction, which is art centered and is built in honor of the late local written Henry Miller. And many books, music, arts, and more cultural related things can be found here due to which it’s known as a cultural hub. During winters visitors normally grab a nice cup of coffee to accompany the reading. However, the very peak time locates between May and October where the library is very alive. And there are plenty of events here to enjoy which includes cherished live performances from well-known visiting artists.

6. Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer beach is known as one of the best tourist attractions in Big Sur, California. It’s popular for its cove and Keyhole Arch, and it has been a dream location for the photographers. The Garnet on the cliffs above sometimes turns the sand into a lovely purple tone, which makes the atmosphere so romantic. The sea also looks charming in turquoise color due to the sunshine. This place has a lot of things to do in Big Sur. Although, it could be difficult to locate this place; thanks to the signs, which can be followed for reaching such beautiful place.

7. Hawthorne Gallery

Hawthorne Gallery

This infrastructure is a piece of art. The Hawthorne family is one of the known artists in enrolling in various formats. Many different artists have worked in this gallery together, and it contains a combination of an eclectic work. The art can be enjoyed inside as well as outside the building due to its installations. Hawthorne family also promises to continue to produce the art for coming generations. The gallery is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm, and there is also entertaining place in Port Orford Oregon.

8. Limekiln State Park

Limekiln State Park

Limekiln State Park features wondering view of the West Pacific Coast and Redwood forest, and it’s popular for long walks and camping. It is a wonderful place for the families to visit with kids for camping. There are over 24 camping locations and 716-acre of land to choose from, which included camp on the creek whereas redwoods are the tent-only site. You can pre-book online by checking the availability. Park Kiosk is normally around 9 am to 7 pm during peak time and 10 am to 5 pm during off-peak. Cost for drive in is around $35 depending on the season and discounts may be available.

9. Spirit Garden – Places to Visit in Big Sur

Spirit Garden

It is known for the worldwide cultural and arts centre located in Big Sur. Spirit Garden has 3 outdoor stages surrounded with water features, spirit nest, and sculptures decorated with colored murals, which is mainly host by musicians, performers, and artists from around the world featuring dances other performances and productions. And their projects that are outreached have many countries for collaborations such as Brazil, Cuba, Africa, and India. It is located around 26 miles of Carmel at Loma Vista.

10. Partington Cove

places to visit in Big Sur

Although Partington Cove is just around one-mile long, it is a gentle climb of nearly 280 feet. People walk their way across 60 feet long tunnel, which heads to the secluded cove. There was a prohibition and during that period, it was known as the cove of smugglers because smugglers used it to land alcohol and liquor here. The cover was also used as to drop equipment during when the highway located nearby was under construction.

Travel Tip: The weather here is generally pleasant and good, and there are several places to visit in Big Sur, California. The tourism comprises of various recreational activities outdoor; we advise you to carry apparel that can suit various condition types that keep changing in this city.

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