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places to visit in new orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana or called ‘Big Easy’, situated on the brink of the south of Gulf Coast, is known across the world for the Mardi Gras festival. It has a fine influence of the French culture making it rich and diverse with its native idiosyncrasies.

Best Places To Visit In New Orleans, USA

So the list of the places to visit in New Orleans is for the one who is here to catch the vibe of the land, relishing the gaieties with equal zest!

1. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

NOLA is best known for its high-spirited Mardi Gras festival. The morning parade with a lot of dancing and jazz music contains much of the fun enthusiasm of the fest. Conversely, the evening merriments tend to get bawdy making it not fit for kids to enjoy. The Blaine Kerns Mardi Gras is a great way to perk you up about the events. Open from 9 am to 4.30pm daily, they stock masks, floats, costumes and beads you may want in order to join the celebrations of the parade. Of the many things to do in New Orleans, this requires a special mention for all tourists planning a trip to this fantastic land.

2. French Quarter

French Quarter

If you are one of those who visit NOLA attend its feisty festivities, French Quarter is the destination. Located at the heart of the city, thronging with all sorts of people always, it is the central party zone of Bourbon Street where after hour events of the Mardi Gras are experienced. Off season would be fine for kids to visit but during Mardi Gras, a carousel at its best takes place in the various bars, restaurants and live events or by the ritual throwing of beads at one another.

3. National WWII Museum

places to visit in new orleans

This museum is listed in the top 3 must-visit museums in the world. One can take a peek into the bygone era between 9 am to 5 pm daily. They have tanks, cars, fighter planes, flags, motorcycles, photos, awards, ribbons and paperwork from World War II on display. This museum has been featured in many TV shows and inspired the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. This is one of the finest places to visit in New Orleans to know more about the Great War in a rather charming way amidst the old artifices.

4. Streetcars


Streetcars are a celebrated mode of transport among the tourists in the city. They run on wheels on tracks but are shaped like trolleys. They charge you $1.25 for one way or 25 cents for each transfer up to two hours after the first ride. They even provide 1, 3, 7, or a 30-day unlimited Jazzy pass for all free rides. They go through Riverfront, Canal Street, Loyola and Saint Charles. One must try these capacious carriages to revel in an awe-inspiring journey through the city.

5. Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street

To know the city by its niches like a local, you must visit the Frenchmen Street, only two blocks and a half long with Esplanade Avenue and Royal Street on either of its sides. Getting its name from the 18th-century French Settlers, it starts at the French Quarter neighborhood, making it a hot spot for the locals as well as tourists. The street is lined with art galleries, bars, restaurants, music clubs and live music events all year round. The ambience is just right for you to take a trip to explore frolicking in its all grandeur.

6. City Park – Places to Visit in New Orleans

city park

This is the best place you can get your kids and yourself some fresh air and greenery amidst the hectic schedule of the trip. City park can explore overfishing, biking and boating or over leisurely walks in the nature paths and botanical gardens. It also has tennis courts, soccer fields, golf courses and a mini-amusement park for the kids. It also houses many 900-year old oak trees to the environmentalists delight and hosts plenty weddings.

7. Touring The Dead

Touring The Dead

Visiting the cemeteries is a great tourist attraction in New Orleans, in the land where beliefs about voodoo culture still exist and stories of the haunted cemetery is a part of their daily banter. Known as the “Cities of the Dead”, these Cemeteries have tall structures engraved with remarkable Gothic designs. If you would like to experience this chill in the spine in native style, then you must stop at St Louis Cemetery and Lafayette Cemetery, who knows you may encounter a spirit of the dead!

8. Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

This modest museum, located in the Business District stays open from 10 am to 5 pm every day, except Tuesdays and reopens from 6 pm to 8 pm for live events. It bears an informal feel in comparison to other decked up museums and gets you real close to the artwork for you observe and enjoy. It will enlighten you about many important facts of the south and the history of New Orleans at large. It is a good to plan to let the history buff in you lose here!

9. Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo is open from late mornings to early evenings, except on Mondays. Situated in the Uptown neighborhood, they have an aquarium, insectarium and IMAX theatre along with a number of wild beasts like jaguars, alligators, tigers, gorillas, crocodiles and so on. Apart from this, they even host many live entertainment programs with a delectable menu, making it ideal for a family visit during trips.

10. Crawfish Feasting

Crawfish Feasting

Crawfish is found in plenty in the southern state water bodies and is very easily caught by a netted trap. Also called mudbugs, in the colloquial, they have a long history linked with the cheap feasts of the natives and the Cajun people. Popular crawfish/crayfish eateries are Bevi Seafood, J&J Seafood and Cajun Brothers Seafood. Gulf Coast is also famous for oyster, BBQ shrimps, crabs and frog legs and you must allow yourself to glut on these equally tasty treats!

Travel Tip: It is great to travel to the places to visit in New Orleans; starting from the vibrant journey to the energetic revelries and the happy atmosphere, all make it worth the effort. Only, keep an eye on your loved ones in the crowd and keep your belongings safe, not to mention yet again, that only the morning parades are considered to be family friendly.

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