10 Best Places to Visit in Minneapolis Minnesota – Top Minneapolis Attractions

places to visit in minneapolis

It is the largest city in the “land of 10,000 lakes” making it a great place for a short trip. Abundantly blessed with wetlands, creeks, and waterfalls, there are many beautiful places to visit in Minneapolis. There are a zillion theaters with running the show to make a theater lover very happy. Underneath is a list of places for you to hit.

Best Places To Visit In Minneapolis – Fun Things To Do In Minneapolis

1. Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

This is one of the biggest art galleries in town, housing over 83,000 pieces of work from around the world. The exhibits span at least 5000 years, making it very interesting and educational. The neoclassical building has finished two expansions since its opening in 1915. 700,000 people witness its exhibits every year. It stays closed on Monday and the tours are free.

2. Target Field

Target Field - places to visit in minneapolis

Target field is an open-air stadium made in 2010 on a 5.5 million dollar project. It has a capacity of accommodating 39,000 people and as we know, a rareness of having a live organist to play at the games. If you step into it once during a game, you cannot deny the energetic vibe amongst the booming crowd. Tours are available on off days during the season.

3. Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Theater

This theater performs only classic by the resident acting company opened. Guthrie theater allows four kinds of a tour; self-guided audio; architecture; backstage and costume. They have a unique costume collection of 30,000, which makes it the best in the county. Opened in 1963 they had shifted to a new place in 2006 and it is made magnificently. If not the performance, then surely the tours make it the best tourist attractions in Minneapolis.

4. Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park

To enjoy a quiet day head to the oldest park in the city, Minnehaha Park where you can visit a 53 feet waterfall overlooking the greenery around. It has limestone all around and a little creek making it just the place you would want to be when looking for some tranquility. A lovely place to plan family gatherings, the place is furnished with a picnic area, disc golf course, a playground, a fountain and more.

5. Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum

The world’s largest flour mill, Washburn A Mill, was situated in Minneapolis until a fire destroyed it in 1991, after which Minnesota Historic Society made it into a museum and a National Historical Landmark. It tells you the history of Minneapolis and the flour milling industry making it worth the visit, on top, it is known to be children friendly. It is closed on Monday, bearing in July and August.

6. Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet

This is the third lake amongst the three lakes talked about. Lake Harriet has pretty roadways around it where you may come across the “elf house” impressed at the bottom of an ash tree. It said that if you leave a letter there, you might find a response to it after a few days if you check. What more? The city concerts are held nearby during summer in a band shell made in castle style.

7. The Museum of Russian Art

The Museum of Russian Art

Of the many things to do in Minneapolis, this museum should definitely be on your list! Preserving the Russian artwork collection, this is the only museum in North America to emphasize and promote its education. Tours are conducted three days a week, which may extend up to an hour. The collection is exquisite and satisfies the historian in you informing in galore about the facts, art trend and its culture and believes.

8. Lake of the Isles

Lake of the Isles

The beautiful azure water will steal your gaze if you are able to tear it away from the gorgeous houses lining the lake. Kayaking, ice hockey, ice-skating, swimming and paddle boarding are done here. Its natural beauty and lack of cacophony will give you the experience of being cradled in nature. No matter what you want to have – family picnics, fun gatherings, and kids outing or for some quiet time, one can visit this place anytime of the year.

9. Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun

The lake got its name from John Caldwell Calhoun, a U.S senator, and a vice president. This lake is connected with two other lakes and has three beaches for large gatherings. Various activities like canoeing; biking, swimming, kayaking and cross-country skiing is practiced there. Events held to keep the flock of people all around the year since the periphery of the lake is well furnished for people to spend a whole day there.

10. Riverview Theater

Riverview Theater

This stylized theater archetypal of 1950’s form is a classic place to watch the biggest blockbusters and classic films. Regardless of the theme, all necessary equipment is present to have the best experience of modern day movie. Keeping with the age-old tradition, they still raise the curtain before each film. At an alarming rate of $3 for a current film and a medium drink and popcorn combo for $5, this place is very reasonable.

Travel Tip: The lakes are a favorite during summer months and cross-country skiing and ice hockey during the winters. This city has a great atmosphere, warmly welcoming tourists over the year despite their chilly cold weather. There are ample places to visit in Minneapolis and ample things to keep you busy for a happy trip.

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