10 Best Places To Visit In Los Angeles, California – Top Tourist Attractions

places to visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the principal city of United States is situated on the coast of southern California. 13,000,000 people dwell in the city and possess metropolitan amenities. The city caters opportunity for several amazing things to explore and places to visit in Los Angeles for folks on a business trip or vacations.

Visit 10 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles: Top Tourist Attractions

1. Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific

More than 11,000 animals from 500 species are situated in this non-profitable aquarium, which is located at 100 Aquarium way, long beach, just south of LA. Every year approx. 1.5 million people visit this place. The exhibition is organized to educate the visitors about conservation in an effort to help animal species. Some exhibits contain shark lagoon, lorikeet forest, and June Keyes penguin habitat. It is a house for various plants and animals. It basically works to rescue and conserve sea animals outside the wall by breeding, part of beach, clean ups, conserving habitats and giving education to the public. Buy the tickets online. Except Christmas and during grand Prix of long beach weekend it is open every day.

2. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

If you are a music lover and love to listen contemporary, live classically, world music and jazz, the city has to offer while relishing an astonishing concert hall, you might not miss the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing at their home base, the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This hall is home to so many theater groups, Los Angeles Opera and Los Angeles Master. The concert hall is situated at 111 south grand avenues was designed by architect frank Gehry. The visualization is stunning inside and out and is one of the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles. Check the official website for more information.

3. The Battleship IOWA Museum

Battleship IOWA Museum

The USS Iowa is a real battleship since the 1940s. The ship, which sailed across three decades weighs 45,000 tons and is 887 feet long. In today’s time, invitees can board the ship as thousands of deckhands who called it home did. Except Christmas and thanksgiving day, the museum is open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and it is situated at 250 south harbors Blvd. berth 87, right on the waterfront. All the tickets are available online or at the box office.

4. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The LACMA situated at 5906 Wilshire Boulevard, holds 150, 000 pieces from all across the world. During art exhibitions, guest can attend classes, talk sessions, watch a film, small tours or listen to the music. The exhibitions are changed regularly. Few examples are a screen, scrolls, and prints: Japanese Art from LACMA’s collection and Islamic Art Now: contemporary Art of the Middle East. Except Wednesdays, thanksgiving and Christmas it is open every day. You can buy tickets online, at the box office or you can contact them through the call. Kids below 17 get free entry.

5. Venice Beach

Venice Beach - places to visit in Los Angeles

Venice beach is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing weather of southern California during your stay. The beach has a walking track right in the sand, which allows visitors to skate, cycle or walks on the beach. You will also find so many activities with lots of galleries, nightclubs, live entertainment, galleries, gyms, theater and spas at a neighborhood. Those who love shopping can find everything from flowers to furniture, art, and memorabilia and everything required on the beach. This romantic place is perfect for a weekend get over and covers three square miles. Venice Beach is one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles.

6. Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens

LA Zoo opened in its current location at 5300 Zoo drive in 1966, covers 133 acres within the city. It is a household to 1100 animals from over 250 species. It also became the path of botanic parks on 2002. The zoo is committed to conservation and that inculcates preserving of plants that make up animal habitats. 15 gardens are located in different area of the zoo, including more than 800 plant species. Facilities at the zoo include a playground, picnic area, and gift shop and safari shuttle service. You can identify the endangered species by signs. The zoological is open every day excluding Christmas from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can purchase your tickets through online.

7. El Pueblo Historical Monument

El Pueblo Historical Monument

This historical monument is located in the oldest area of the city, back to Spanish rule on the 1700s. The place was accompanied in the national register of historic places in 1972. The memorial is made up of 27 ancient buildings. Eleven of them is reachable to the communal either as occupational or galleries. The zone host numerous events and academic programs related to the history of the place. Guests can check out the exhibitions at El Pueblo Gallery, Hellman house, Pico house and Chinese American museum. Additional historic sites include Plaza firehouse, Sepulveda House, LA plaza de Cultura y Artes, Museum of Social Justice, America Tropical Interpretive Centre, Avila Adobe and Italian American Museum. The place also upholds the cultural assortment of it, early colonists.

8. Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory

In 1935, a Griffith Observatory was launched which belongs to the city’s department of park and recreation. It is open from Wednesdays through Sunday and there is no entry charge along with free parking. It is one of the most popular destinations in LA and more than one million people visit this park every year. You will see live shows, events, and exhibitions in the park. You have to pay some admission fee for these events. The observatory area has the best view of Hollywood within the city. The audience can enjoy the view of the city and look via telescopes in the evening. The location of this park is at 2800E observatory road.

9. Dearly Departed: The Tragic History Tour of Los Angeles

Dearly Departed: The Tragic History Tour of Los Angeles

On a tour to Los Angeles experience, a most comfortable and exhilarating tour Tomb Buggy ride leading to an excursion of approximately 100 sites. Movie star’s houses revealing audio clips, memorabilia, crime scene photos through guide’s stories are surely going to give breath-taking experience. An insight into history will impart heart touching feel and, on the other hand, your craving to know about renowned celebrities would cater lifetime experience. There are various things to do in Los Angeles and tourists can avail various tours customized in the interest of tourist and get a ticket for themselves by online booking. Griffith Observatory

10. Disneyland – Places to Visit in Los Angeles


Disneyland is one of leading amusement park in the world. It was inaugurated in 1955 and is accomplished park in providing thorough entertainment to the visitors. Thousands of tourists across the world visit the entertaining park to experience the exemplary rides and Disney movies. The end of every day at the park is equally alleviating as the days are with spectacular fireworks. Rides like Space Mountain in Tomorrow land and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontier land are mind boggling and major attraction of the park. The entry to the park can be procured by buying tickets through online and it is open for amusement 365days of the year but remains closed on specific days with variation in timings.

Travel Tip: The city contains amazing beaches, sunny weather, warm and lots of other things to do. Don’t be so shocked if you find any of the celebrities there. You can enjoy shopping; explore ethnically diverse regions, roller coasters and much more interesting places to visit in Los Angeles.

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