10 Best Places To Visit In Europe – Most Beautiful & Amazing Places

places to visit in Europe

Are you planning a short break or an extended vacation with your better half or family? The first place that comes to mind is Europe. In this post, we shall provide you with fruitful knowledge about the major cities and the most important places to visit in Europe so that you don’t miss on them when touring the continent.

Best Places To Visit In Europe – Most Beautiful Places List

Although the continent stands second amongst the smallest continent of the world, it is full of adventurous places, beaches and lot more than you can ask for. Here’s the list of some mesmerizing tourist attractions in Europe:

1. Paris, France

places to visit in Europe
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If you are in Europe, and you do not visit Paris in France, then your excursion in this continent is unworthy. Paris is one of the major cities in the whole continent. Apart from being the capital of the France, it is well-known as the city of love. In Paris, you will find the famous Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, and other Cathedral. Paris should be the top one on your list of places to visit in Europe.

2. Rome, Italy

things to do in Europe
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Welcome to the Italian capital city. Rome is also a must-watch place if you are on your European vacation. The fragrance of fresh and delicious food passing through streets, helping and polite local people makes it more attractive. There are so many things to do in Rome. The only problem is what do to and what not to.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

things to do in Amsterdam
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Amsterdam has all the stuff as any other metro city; however, the size of the city is so small to walk or ride a bicycle to almost anywhere to want to visit. Here you will find museums and some of the world’s best orchestras to visit. There are many more tourist attractions in Amsterdam, which you must go and experience it. Have a look at our previous post for a particular idea.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

tourist attractions in Europe
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Prague is 14th largest city in Europe. This town is attracting more visitors than ever. Even though the city has faced many floods, fire, and other calamities, it hasn’t failed to charm the tourists at all times. Today the city is full of several churches, streets, and some ancient historical castles. Thousands of visitors come to Prague to experience its beauty every year.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

things to do in Sweden
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Stockholm is one real destination amongst the places to visit in Europe if you are a nature lover. Summer is the best time to go so that you can travel and explore more without facing any snowy surface. The city has numbers of museums and halls where you can enjoy dramas.

6. Budapest, Hungary

tourist destinations in Europe
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Budapest is also known as the capital of fashion in whole Europe. This place also has some most eye-catching spots. The city has a magnificent nightlife so that youngsters can come and enjoy. Tourist destinations in Budapest aren’t just limited to nightlife; it also has some old museums with beautiful architecture to fascinate all those people who are in search of art and history when visiting Europe.

7. Oslo, Norway

places to visit in Europe
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Norway is known as one of the pleasant places on the globe. Oslo is breathtaking but yes it is expensive too, but you can visit here with little cash too in your pocket. Oslo’s ship museum and Oslofjord is the most popular places. Best time to visit is summer because you certainly do not want to see just snow around you.

8. Barcelona, Spain

things to do in Spain
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Welcome to the home of the football club, Barcelona FC. The city of Barcelona offers you great so many things to do. Set on the Mediterranean Sea makes it a perfect place for cuisine; also you can spend time on beautiful beaches too. The city has protected its cultural and heritage by putting a display in different Museums.

9. Dublin, Ireland

travel to Europe
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If you are a drink lover, then Dublin is a right place for you to visit. But there is also beyond drinks, history older than 1100 years and Church of Jesus Christ and national gallery of art. In Dublin, you can also go to Storehouse of Guinness and have as many as pints of beer you want at no cost.

10. Helsinki, Finland

travel to Europe
Photo Credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/finland/helsinki/articles/36-hours-in-helsinki/

If you are a person who likes to stay out with great beauty, then Helsinki should be on your list. This town with a coastal site, maritime history, and its value for whole Europe are paramount. Helsinki is a very urbanized city so you won’t be disappointed to be here. People here are very soft and sure food is very delicious.

Travel tip: We hope that you have got ample of information for your next vacations to Europe. With so many places to visit in Europe, you must spare at least 15 to 18 days to witness the blissful attractions of this continent. If you have any question or queries then write it to us, we’ll get back to you as early as we can. Do share you travel experience with us. Bon Voyage!

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