10 Best Places To Visit In Denver – Fun & Romantic Things To Do

places to visit in denver

Denver, The Mile City has much to offer as groundwork to the discovery of gold in 1858. This is a tourist-attracting downtown district spread across eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountain giving place to hiking trails, adventure sports, dude ranches, and marketing to independent shops, brew cafes and organic restaurants.

Best Places To Visit In Denver, Colorado – Fun Things To Do

Denver also renders wide effects from botanical garden to the state of an art museum. For romantic weekend places to visit in Denver are worth accepting the ride to the mountains, enjoying all the nuts and fun with kids, also lingering a good time with friends.

1. The Rocky Mountains National Park

Rocky Mountains National Park

Rocky Mountains National Park being on Denver’s entrance has become one of the must-visit places of America. Go out for a day’s drive; the ride will head you down around 9,000 feet of Mount Evans. If you are on your feet for the day, start from Botanic Gardens to Summit Lake to witness livestock such as big horn sheep and goats sharing the views. If you do not get along with the heights, you may travel starting from the flower-spotted tundra to summit of mount Goliath. Don’t forget your camera, surplus drinking water and winter wear before heading for the ride. Tour guides are available in summer and a fee is levied on the amenities offered.

2. The Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens - places to visit in denver

Botanic gardens on the York Street with famous Flora and Fauna of the Rockies have great effects for you. Botanical experts lead you every Saturday afternoon between 9-5 after admission that starts at $12.50 and some more for guided tours. At Mordecai Children’s Garden, children have the fun time with race pinecones, bug hunting and meeting marmots (no charge). For the adult, they have new Science Pyramid to display much about research and conservation. The Hive at pretty Monet pond grows cooks produced in the garden. It is opened every day until October-end.

3. Historic Lo-Do

Historic Lo-Do

This is the historic restoration of the 1990s that gives a beautiful picturesque away from warehouses and rail yards. We find cafes bars and also independent shops in Lo-Do. Buses travel early morning to late night, stopping and all intersections will get you to a mile-long pedestrianized promenade, then 16th Street which is the main station. To visit Denver’s city’s treasures- Tattered Cover Bookstore on Colfax Avenue, make way from Coors Field, then the Oxford Hotel built in 1891, and we can cross up to bustling Larimer Square where there is pioneer camp.

4. Coors Field Baseball Park

Coors Field Baseball Park

Coors Field on Blake Street brings scenario tour to well-to-know baseball parks that serve as one of the best tourist attractions in Denver that shade to the Colorado Rockies in America. A 70-minute free bus driver can take you to join the tour that runs all through Monday to Saturday in season and then four days a week offseasons. Ticketing is $8 per adult. There is a sun setting view behind the mountain one can get a close cheer at. Take a load grip and hold to much more plenty at stalls in the stadium for sports bars, basic grills and hip foodie hangouts.

5. Dude ranches

Dude ranches - places to visit in denver

‘Dude Ranches’ is a great cowboy stay for families and friend-mates that come in route to Grizzly Rose. The farm gives sights to a new cultivation of longhorn cattle; rolling prairies to the lesson in lassoing, shade open to fires and time to horseback. You can drive next to family-owned ‘Drowsy Water’, a riding and fishing greenery. Again, there is hot bubbles and masseurs and for children to play along a guide to activities. Night stay is priced at $450 and for weekends stay we offer a discount. We recommend putting on kits and wranglers before driving to 1626 wazee Street in the LoDo (Lower Downtown).

6. The Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose

Spot your tour to the Grizzly Rose, a wayward corner to North Valley Highway into the Rocky Mountain. With just a six nights week stay would give to awesome excavated to western dance floor, mechanical bull, striking playing pool and some country to rock range acts. Still having poor to offer at the floor will get you to free dance learning lessons which start at Wednesday night 7 pm. Being a season of budgetary price, arrivals for cowboy staples is a needy ornament to hill-up the Mountain Oysters. Hire this visit at $9.50.

7. Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting

‘Napa Valley of Beer’ the known city since the 1980s shows the Microbrew 2-hour long group Tour. Exciting place to excavate wayward to historic Lower Downtown and a means to study beer history and brewing techniques, opened: Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There is sumptuous hard fall for annual Great American Beer Festival at the Convention Centre. Some sampling tastes of American-brewed beers are offered just like that of bratwurst, sauerkraut and schnitzels. Price starts at $15 for adults and below 15 years children can visit for free.

8. The US Mint – Places To Visit In Denver

US Mint

One of the best things to do in Denver is The US Mint especially to be filled up by kids. A Gold making procedure recovers dust from native gold during the period of the gold rush. We see here the coins being stamped and synthesized and how millions of paper bills are shaded. For your convenience, watch the 45 minutes guide tour for free with learning to side maps that can be availed online. You are welcomed over Monday to Thursday from 8-3:30. Find the entrance gates at Cherokee Street easy to walk along from LoDo otherwise from Capitol Hill. Buses are frequently available.

9. Museum of Nature and Science

Museum of Nature and Science

Some geological artifacts like Coors Mineral Hall show a tantalizing view to city’s Museum of Nature and Science. Children around 5-10 are encouraged at 2001 Colorado Boulevard in ground City Park. There is a planetarium show, an IMAX, and a many Native Americans and Egyptian mummies who practically represent to descend into Colorado for stegosaurus at Discovery Zone. The channel shows live features from around the earth. Again, watch until 2016, the most remarkable show “The Internal Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes”.

10. Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown Museum highlights the Victorian eccentricities and Titanic buffs the most amusing one to stare. Molly Brown is the one who was alive from the sinking Titanic and then arrived in Colorado and promoted miserable communities to vote and sponsor social reformation in the 20th century. The eager guides have brought the lady to life including her house. To watch this column of possession, one can find all routes to get in worth $10 been opened Tuesday to Sunday.

Travel Tip: The city is densely crowded with vehicles, so let well to rest your car at home. The catch for 16th Street that will let you have come across amazing places to visit in Denver for free. If you come across the downtown district, RTD light rail and buses from the Market Street and Civic Centre stations is the easy route at each of two corners of the 16th Street.

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