Painful Stories Of Hate Crimes Post – Brexit

UK referendum with EU

Racial abuse or hate crimes are seriously on the rise in the UK since Brexit. Using the hashtag #postrefracism, social media has been highlighting the alleged incidents of hate crimes that are happening to the migrants in the UK.

Some Incidents of Hate Crimes & Racial Abuse

Some seriously hurting and painful stories are as follows:

BREXIT hate crimes
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  • Graffiti was drawn on the compound walls of houses of immigrants, with messages that hurt their feelings.
  • On 24th June, a Polish woman was assaulted in Salisbury, which is alleged to be a racial attack by the Police.
  • People have been stopped in the streets and said ‘Look, we have voted to leave. It’s time for you to leave’. They have been telling this to people who have settled down in the UK for since the last five generations.
  • Cards abusing Polish immigrants have been left in their cars and public places where they appear. They read ‘Leave the EU, no more Polish vermin’ in both English and Polish.
  • Hoardings which read ‘Refugees not welcome’ have been posted in several places.
  • Racists have been causing disturbances in passport control section of the London airport by yelling out loud that ‘Why are these bloody immigrants in the same queue as we are?’.
  • The racists circulated video footage of a mixed-race man being racially abused. The UK Police have arrested three men who were involved in it.
  • Two Muslim women in Bethnal Green, East London, had eggs thrown at them on the streets.
  • Abusive language was used on a Black woman on a bus, asking her to leave back to her country.
  • Women shouting at another mixed race woman publicly ‘Get your passport, you are going home’ has also been reported.
  • In public places and supermarkets, people have been threatened by saying that ‘You will leave soon,’ by fellow people.
  • Black men are told by White men ‘Go back to your ‘
  • Posters which read, ‘White zone, no entry’ has been posted in several public places.
BREXIT hate crimes racial abuse
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Non-profit organizations, charities, and the UK Police are always working on the reported cases of hate crimes to put an end to them. The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has also conveyed his condolences for such incidents and has expressed his views that the UK will not stand for any hate crimes.

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