Oreo Cookies Now In An All New And Exciting Chocolate Bar

oreo cookies chocolate bar

Yes, you read that right! Oreo cookies the much-loved cookies with the most delicious crème revealed its first ever chocolate bars in the US. Well, Indian might have to wait a little more until we get them rolled out for us. But the idea of the yummy scrummy biscuits that has been a large part of deserts now is totally worth drooling for!

The creative heads behind the biscuits have constantly been working upon, offering some innovation or the other, ever since the cookies claimed fame, is most parts of the world. There have been offering new flavors, and this time, the chocolate bars introduced are the class apart!

We already have shared the pictures of the Oreo filled creamy and mushy chocolate bars, and we are seriously getting obsessed over the looks and certainly believe that they shall be one of the most delicious and lip smacking things that would set your sweet tooth, right in place, for that matter.

The biscuit company has reportedly offered the chocolate bars in two distinct flavors. The teasers of them have indeed set the customers for sure. They undoubtedly look too good and attractive, a must and definite to try upon! They look soft and the melt in mouth sorts, for sure!

Talking About The New Launches In Details

The first candy bar is named Milka Oreo big Crunch Chocolate Bar. The name has come after Oreo’s association with the German chocolate brand Milka. They are well known and celebrated for an exceptional quality of milk chocolates that are awesome, simply! This bar was set afloat from the 14th November 2016 and is a sin to splurge upon.

The bar features a crunchy chocolate layer of the Oreo filling that is bordered with yummy vanilla ice cream further dipped in the sinful Milka milk chocolate. We can see your mouth watering as you’re reading, though! Carrying a total consumption of 10 ounces, this is worth a share if you want?

oreo cookies chocolate bar
Photo Credit: http://www.today.com/food/oreo-reveals-first-candy-bars-ever-they-re-amazing-t104985

The second one is called the Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar, which would make its way in the month of January 2017. This is yet another treat worth indulging into. In this one the vanilla ice cream is mixed with crumbles of the Oreo cookies, further coated with the Milka milk chocolate, making into a sinful melt in mouth ice cream sandwich, chocolate bar!

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