Odisha Turns Out To Be The 16th State To Ratify GST Bills

Odisha 16th State To Ratify GST Bills

Odisha has turned out to be India’s 16th state that has ratified the GST Bills. On Thursday, the Legislative Assembly of Odisha has given its ratification unanimously for the Constitution Amendment Bill for Goods and Services Tax so that the way for the introduction of important tax reform can be made easy.

The Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, called for a special session of the assembly for one day and moved a resolution regarding the Bills. All parties’ members except members of the CPM(I) supported the Assembly Session which was run for one hour to discuss the Bills, and then they passed it. The members of the CPM(I) stayed away from the discussion.

CM Naveen Patnaik thanked all the members of all parties that they cooperated in passing the Bills.

Odisha 16th State To Ratify GST Bills
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In recent times, the Indian parliament passed The Constitution Bill which is 122nd Amendment on the GST. For converting it into law with a nod of President of India, it is mandatory that the half of the Indian states pass this bill in its assembly. Fifteen states have already passed this Bill in their assembly. Odisha is the 16th state that has given its approval to the Bill. 16 is that number which clears the way of converting it into law.

The Chief Minister of the Odisha said that this would make comprehensive improvement in the indirect tax regime of the country. The CM also said that there are some advantages of the reform of this Bill and everyone, ranging from central government to state government, consumers, business person to industry, will be benefited by it.

Odisha 16th State To Ratify GST Bills
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It is also expected that the burden of the overall taxes which is applicable to the most of the commodities would also be reduced. It would also be very easy for the industries and the businesses to adhere to it while the government would ensure the higher revenue efficiency, added he.

Further, he said that he would also make a request to the government of India that green tax should be imposed on polluting things besides taking the suitable steps for CST compensation so that CST should be reduced to 2 percent.

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