North Korea Test-Fires Ballistic Missiles At The Time Of G20 Summit

North Korea missile test

When the top leaders of 20 major economies of the world get together at G20 summit in China on Monday, North Korea test-fired three Ballistic Missiles into the sea off its east coast to showcase its military power. This was the second day of the Submit and President of United States, Barack Obama, was also present.

North Korea has test-fired ballistic missiles previously to show its power but this time, it had done this when its main ally Beijing was hosting G20 submit, for the smooth running of which, it has made extraordinary arrangements at Hangzhou, China.

According to the statement made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, the missiles were fired into The Japan’s Sea from an area south of the capital Pyongyang or Hwangju County of South. This test-fire was done in noon at 0300 GMT local time, and the missiles flew around 1000 km and struck air defense identification zone of Japan.

North Korea missile test
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According to the Yonhap news agency of the South, North Korea test-fired a medium range missile that took off to 1000 km and earthed in the air defense identification zone of Japan.

Just around 12 days ago on August 24, it also conducted a submarine-launched a ballistic missile which flew around 500 km in the direction of air defense identification zone of the Japan.

According to a spokesperson, the type of missiles is unknown and analysis of this test is going on by the military of the South Korea.

Defense Ministry of Japan has also expressed its deep concern saying that it is a serious threat to their country’s security. They are also analyzing the details.

The US has been making efforts for not being involved in the G20 Submit because it wants to complete a deal with the Russia regarding Syria’s ceasefire. These test-fires distracted the US more.

North Korea missile test
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According to a Japanese statement, just after the test-fires, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, and South Korean President, Park Geun-Hye quickly have a meeting and decided to co-operate each other for examining the situations.

Ties have been done for not conducting the missile and nuclear test by North Korea, and the China supported it, but, North Korea created tension through these test-fires.

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