Saudi Arabia Hajj: Millions Muslims Reach; Advanced Steps Taken For Safety

saudi arabia hajj

Annual Saudi Hajj has begun, and more than 1.5 million Muslim pilgrims have gotten together at Mecca in Western Saudi Arabia. Some important steps have also been taken to avoid any mishap like the last year. For the accommodation of a large number of the pilgrims, a big area has been covered

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International Literacy Day: Literacy Is The Base For Sustainable Society – Ban Ki-Moon

International Literacy Day

One day ahead of the International Literacy Day, United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, said that Literacy is the base for the sustainable society, gender equality, and also human rights. He requested the governments as well as their partners to come together for universal literacy so that peaceful, fair, sustainable

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North Korea Test-Fires Ballistic Missiles At The Time Of G20 Summit

North Korea missile test

When the top leaders of 20 major economies of the world get together at G20 summit in China on Monday, North Korea test-fired three Ballistic Missiles into the sea off its east coast to showcase its military power. This was the second day of the Submit and President of United States, Barack Obama, was also present.

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US Defense Secretary Says Indian Civilians & Military, Sufferers Of Terrorism

Aston Carter meets Manohar Parrikar

In a joint press conference, Aston Carter, the Defense secretary of the United States said that not only Indian Civilians but the military as well are the target of the terrorists. He was with the Indian Defense Minister, Manohar Parrikar, who is in the US.

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The Longest Airship Of World Crashes While 2nd Test Flight In England

flying bum plane - airship

The longest airship of the world named Airlander 10 has crashed at the time of its 2nd test flight at Bedfordshire, England on Wednesday morning. The Airship is also known as “The Flying Bum” because it has a round back. It is one such an Airship, which was manufactured by the “Hybrid Air Vehicles British”.

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