US Defense Secretary Says Indian Civilians & Military, Sufferers Of Terrorism

Aston Carter meets Manohar Parrikar

In a joint press conference, Aston Carter, the Defense secretary of the United States said that not only Indian Civilians but the military as well are the target of the terrorists. He was with the Indian Defense Minister, Manohar Parrikar, who is in the US.

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Rajnath Singh On His Kashmir Visit Points To Talk Everyone And An Option Of Pallet Guns

Rajnath Singh Kashmir visit

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday pointed to that government is ready to have a discussion to the separatists as well as he also talked about the substitute of the pallet guns due to which some protesters have gotten massive injuries.

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Previously Unreleased Emails Released Of Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton email scandal

A conservative Watchdog released State Department Records, which is 296 pages. In these pages, there are 44 those emails that were not made known to the State Department in the past. These new emails do not support the statement of the Mrs. Hillary Clinton in which she said all the emails were sent to the State Department

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