Mona Darling 2017: Movie Review Horror Film Starring Sanjay Suri

Mona Darling Movie Review

Mona Darling is the latest Bollywood horror film, which is directed and written by Shashi Sudigala. The film is distributed by Vashu Bhagnani Release and produced by First Ray Films. It is scheduled to release today on 17th February 2017. The film is said to be the first social media thriller.

The movie triggers the perspectives of social media and cybercrimes that are prevailing in this era. The complete crew and star cast aim towards offering their best performance.

Mona Darling: Star Cast

Mona Darling Movie Review
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  • Sanjay Suri
  • Anshuman Jha
  • Suzanna Mukherjee
  • Divya Menon

Mona Darling: Story Plot

The shooting of this film was done on a college campus in India. Sanjay Suri and Suzanna Mukherjee act in the film in the lead roles. The roles of other actors, Anshuman Jha and Divya Menon are interesting too.

The story revolves around the mysterious deaths in the college and the connection between these deaths. The ideology of this Hindi film focuses on, “Friend requests can be injurious to health!” Later, the common link is found a mutual friend on Facebook; all the people who died have accepted the friend request of “Mona_Darling” page.

Thus, the entire film is centered behind solving this mystery. The film is located in a single location, and many new faces are also introduced in it. This horror flick is aimed at spreading the message of overuse of social media amongst the youngsters.

Cutting down on the location and with a limited star cast, this Bollywood horror movie may be among those limited budget film that turns out exceptionally well. The film’s trailer is fascinating; it clearly shows an interesting murder mystery along with appealing horror attributes.

Critics Reviews

Mona Darling Movie Review
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Mahesh Bhatt even before the release claimed not to watch this horror film; although, this may be said on a positive note (just like he did for his movie, Sadak starring Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt.) Not many websites have offered critic reviews for this film; however, this is what we have to say for this Bollywood Hindi movie.

Anchal Tailor from AnchalBlogs, “It is a 100% copied movie (we wouldn’t want to say inspired film as it is word-by-word copied film) from the Hollywood English movie, ‘Friend Request,’ which was released in August 2016. Mona Darling is based on social media crimes, first Hindi film of this kind. The plot is limited, and cinematography, when compared to the English original isn’t appealing. Overall, the movie doesn’t seem to grab audience attention to a good extent.”

Our Review Ratings: 1.5 out of 5

Final Verdict

Horror films in Bollywood are not really appreciated and so with this film although a good concept but then the weak storyline and acting cannot manage to keep the hold. Thus, another horror suspense thriller but could not create the interest amongst the audience. A so… so… film; therefore, don’t waste time and money on this film!

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