Meditation Benefits That Are Scientifically Proven

Since ancient times especially by the Buddhist monks and Sadhus, meditation is a regular practice. The meditation benefits were untold to the common people until the advanced science people came to know about the power of meditation.

Meditation has both mental and physical benefits for human beings. It is the best way to control your mind from wandering and brain from declining.

Various Types of Meditation and Yoga Forms

Meditation of different kinds are proven highly beneficial; thereby, various studies and researches are conducted on them.

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  • The oldest form is Vipassana Yoga, which the Buddhist the formerly practiced. The University of Mysore conducted many studies for finding the effects of this kind of meditation on the brain.
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  • Another form is Sahaja Yoga, which controls the brain and keeps it away from inappropriate activities. Meditation brings back the focus and concentration of the mind. Yoga and meditation provide mental silence.

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  • Then there is Transcendental Meditation (TM) that has many types of research and studies done for proving the efficacy and long-term Harvard University performed the main studies and UCLA and Science and American Journal of Physiology published these findings. These studies concluded that Transcendental Meditation was beneficial to improve and increase the intelligence of a person regularly performing TM. But still the researchers seem to be unclear on this fact.
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  • Kundalini Yoga affects the brain enhancing the memory power and preventing cognitive declination. Helen Lavretsky, M.D. conducted various studies keeping up with a large number of people. His colleagues contributed to finding out how significant the results were.

Proven Mental Meditation Benefits

Meditation is backed by many types of research to determine its effect on mental health and psychological behavior. The studies witnessed variations in results; it worked for some. The overall view was that meditation benefited the complete mental as well as physical health of a person.

In addition to the above, it increases focus and concentration and provides peace of mind. Meditation helps in regulating the entire thought process of a person. It improves mental and physical pessimism and enhances anger management skills in people.

Meditation benefits are for people of all ages – children, adults and the aged. It helps the students to increase their intelligence and improve their power of mesmerizing. It aids the elderly adults preventing memory loss to a greater extent.

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Proven Physical Meditation Benefits

Along with mental meditation benefits, it has many proven physical benefits to the body. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety disorder; it can make your skin healthy and beautiful.

Additionally, meditation helps in serious problems like heart issues, high blood pressure, ADHD disorders and much more. It may not cure the diseases but contributes to reducing their effect and prevent them from growing.


Meditation is not something you need to learn. It comes from regular practice as it has science behind it. The meditation benefits may vary from person to person. This is because, individuals react differently; however, it is proven that meditation and yoga help your mind and body in positive, numerous ways.

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