Mechanic: Resurrection 2016: Movie Review

Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 movie review

Mechanic: Resurrection is the latest American action thriller of 2016. The film directed by Dennis Gansel is the sequel of The Mechanic of 2011, which was also a remake of 1972 film with the same name. The film is written by Rachel Long, Philip Shelby, Tony Mosher and Brian Pittman.

The movie was premiered on August 22, 2016, in Hollywood and released today on 26 August 2016 all over the world. Filming of the movie took place in Bangkok, Thailand, Bulgaria, George Town, Penang, Brazil and Sydney, Australia.

Mechanic: Resurrection: Star Cast

Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 movie review
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  • Jason Statham (Arthur Bishop)
  • Jessica Alba (Gina)
  • Tommy Lee Jones (Max Adams)
  • Michelle Yeoh (Mae)
  • Sam Hazeldine (Riah Crain)
  • Rhatha Phongam (Courier)
  • Natalie Burn (Natalie Stone)

Mechanic: Resurrection: Story Plot

The story is about Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) the lead character whose wife his old rival kidnaps Gina. After this kidnap, Arthur is pulled back to his old business of contract killer which he had left several years back. To rescue his lady he had to complete a mission of impossible assassinations of most dangerous people in the world.

That includes a human trafficker, an African arms dealer, and a flamboyant arms dealer. To unfold the complete mission you will need to watch the movie.

Critic Review

Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 movie review
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The film got a good response from the audiences and a mixed response from the critics. The cinema blend stated “Forgive me if I get a little turned around with the Jason Statham canon. There’s The Transporter, Crank, and the Mechanic Series. As far as I’m concerned, these could do all the same set of films.

I don’t see too many distinguishable features. Don’t get me wrong; it’s fine, they all look like a ton of fun”. So some found it real thrill and some found it a usual Bond type film.

Final Verdict

Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 movie review
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Jason Statham did a great job in the film although he also could not sail the ship. With a messy narration and pacing, the direction made it a bit predictive with no twists and a simple plot. The first half is good but the second half is messy due to low-quality cinematic effects, but that’s a technical part. The film got an R rating due violence and rough language.

Overall if you love action movies and Jason Statham brand action, then you will love it. So, Hollywood has an action, thriller and suspense for you this week. A good movie for the weekend! Go through our entertainment section for more Hollywood movie reviews.

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