A Loan Mela! Seriously? It Happens Only In India!

loan mela in India

Well, Indian has been known for being the land of charming facts. There are so many astonishing facts about the country that is never ceased to amaze the rest of the world for that matter. There are some truly incredible facts and this time around; the Indian are anyways making news all across the globe. The country is particularly talking about the PM Modi’s strike on black money.

Soon after the country had been taking and discussing over this surgical strike, there is a Loan Mela organized in a small village in Karnataka.  Reportedly the ministers have been giving loans to the common men of the village, and this is no favor of betterments, mind you!

The money being used for these loans are all the black money and involve the old currency notes, being given away to the commoners. After these pictures and reports started floating around the web, this village has some serious intervention going on from the Income Tax departments and other govt. officials.

The village is located at a distance of 80 km from Bangalore and reported acclaim that the politician’s leaders who were seen distributing the money loans belonged to both BJP as well as Congress parties. While all have been issued tasks to explain this act and provide the route to all this money that they have in their hands.

The assembly elections would be held in 18 months of time and distributing loans is just another way to pulling people, for mere votes. This has been a practice with several political parties in the various parts of the country. This is what this step of PM Modi is simply going to address and eradicate for that matter.

home loan mela Indian bank
Photo Credit: http://www.pocketnewsalert.com/2016/09/INDIAN-BANK-CONDUCTS-MEGA-LOAN-MELA-PROPERTY-EXHIBITION-AT-HYDERABAD.html

The wrong use of money and the countless corrupt parties is the main reason that has made the country fall short of the right moves and delay its due development, undoubtedly. PM Modi’s step is certainly going to remove any such ill-practices and bring about a change in the why the country has been progressing and operating since decades.

Although later on this loan Mela was found to be authentic and was being offered in association with the Kolar and Chikkaballapur District Cooperative Bank. Whereas the only trouble began was the sudden currency change that followed later on. Many common people who availed the loan facility have a lot of cash to be exchanged for the new notes, though!

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