Did You Know That Wimbledon Game Has So Much Beyond Tennis?

Wimbledon game - Tennis

Wimbledon game is the world’s most popular and highly prestigious tournament for Tennis. Known for its rich tradition and decorum, the Wimbledon has a myriad lot of ‘awe factors.’ Let us have an insight into them.

1. Dress Code

Wimbledon Game Dress Code
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It is known that the Wimbledon’s dress code is ‘all white.’ But, did you know that it is truly 100% ‘all white’? Yes, it is!

The players are supposed to wear inner garments which are white in color, white accessories such as sweatbands and headbands, white shoes, for which even the sole has to be white. Previously, the spectators were also instructed to appear in a suit with a tie. But presently, this rule has been relaxed for them.

2. Ball Ceremony for the Wimbledon Game


Wimbledon game
Photo Credit: https://www.sassandbelle.co.uk/blog/2015/07/13/play-jimmy-goes-to-wimbledon/


During the closing ceremony of the Wimbledon game, a ‘Ball’ event is conducted, during which the winner of Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles dance together. This event was paused in 1977. It again resumed in 2015 Wimbledon tournament and the Ball was conducted in the Guild Hall, London.

3. Retractable Roof

Wimbledon Game Retractable Roof
Photo Credit: http://www.fastcompany.com/1292468/why-wl-gores-retractable-roof-changes-wimbledon-forever-video

The center court of the Tennis ground has a retractable roof, which was constructed and came into operation from the 2009’s Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. This roof covers the ground on the occurrence of rain. The weight of the roof is 3000 tons.

Presently, the climate in the UK is ‘English Summer’ during when unpredictable rainfall is common. It takes 20 minutes for the retractable roof to cover the stadium and 10 minutes for the lightings to be on. The illumination effect of the lightings is such that it is similar to a day game conducted in the open. Hence it takes 30 minutes to start the game again after the short break due to rain.

4. Rufus, the Superhero

Rufus & Wimbledon Game
Photo Credit: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-18663648

Did you know that there is a superhero that flies around the stadium acting like a three-dimensional guard? He is Rufus, the Harris hawk who is responsible for keeping the pigeons away from causing hindrance to the game.

Pigeon interference is very high in the Wimbledon Tennis court because of the grass court. The pigeons were the main cause for interrupting the game and slowing it down until 2000. After that, Rufus joined as a member of the Wimbledon security, and he is the official ‘Bird scarer’ of the Wimbledon game.

Rufus recently got an assistant named ‘Pollux’, who also flies around to scare pigeons away.

5. Strawberry & Cream

strawberry and cream wimbledon game
Photo Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fiv4NLqKogM

Another most popular feature of the Wimbledon game is the ‘Strawberry and Cream’. It is the only food that is available on the court during the tournament. Grade I Kent Strawberries and Fresh Cream are served for sale during the event.

Every year, 28 tons strawberries and 7000-liter fresh cream are sold. Each bowl consists of 10 strawberry pieces topped with a dollop of fresh cream. The cost of this cup is 2.5 pounds.


Keep your fingers crossed till the finals, as we keep updating you with more information regarding the Wimbledon game. No wonder, it has been the most favorite game right from the juvenile to the long-lived.

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